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Monday, September 13, 2010

Coming Through in Waves

I practiced "wiggles" today as part of the free motion quilt along at A Few Scraps.

First I practiced drawing them on paper.  I preferred to think of them as waves versus wiggles.  

Then I thought of Pink Floyd and the lyrics to Comfortably Numb:  You are only coming through in waves...  

Wouldn't that be a great song to free motion quilt to?  Alas, I only have the Scissor Sisters version on CD, and that doesn't have quite the same vibe.


Welcome to my rear view.  Sometimes I have the TV on when I'm sewing, but it's behind me.  Thus the mirror.

Quilting gloves?  Check.  Bifocals?  Check.  Beer?  You better believe it.

I liked quilting waves.  Then I went back and did them again, so one part looks like a DNA strand.

Oopsie in the middle there.  I let go of the quilt sandwich before my machine had come to a complete stop.

What has been most helpful is to hold my hands in a U-shape as I'm quilting.  The only thing about that is I have to stop when I quilt to the bottom of the U formed by my thumbs, reposition, and restart.  But once I got the hang of stopping and starting, it went okay.  I definitely felt more in control that way.

I really like the ribbon effect when you do sort of a shadow stitch along the first line of stitching.  The one above is my favorite.

This was fun.  Can't wait to do more!

Peace out.

Live long and prosper.