Friday, June 24, 2022

Table Scraps Challenge - June 2022

The idea for my take on this month's Table Scraps Challenge came from a Facebook friend who was making these and shared the link to the YouTube tutorial with me, and also necessity.  

See, we had just replaced our old Corelle dinnerware with new stuff, and I don't know why but the new bowls get HOT in the microwave!  I don't know about you, but I'd like to start my day without burning my fingers on a freshly-nuked bowl of oatmeal, thank you very much.

Bowl Koozie tute to the rescue!  Although for the rest of this post, I am going to call it a cozy because I am old and crotchety that way.  Also, if you're interested in the difference between Koozie, Cozy, and Kozy (like I was), have a listen to the explanation here

Word nerdiness aside, this really was an easy to follow tutorial and my first attempt came out fine.  I didn't have much in the way of 100% cotton batting scraps, so I used an 80/20 scrap on half of it.  Since I don't intend to microwave the cozy itself, it should be okay.

(Second bowl cozy with thrifted striped shirt interior)

For the second cozy, I did make a trip to Joann for some Wrap & Zap batting, which is made for projects like this.  It struck me as odd that a package of 100% cotton Wrap & Zap was half the price of the same size package of Warm & Natural 100% cotton batting, and it basically looks like the same stuff (and made by the same company).  But that's neither here nor there, just interesting to note.

Both cozies are BLUE and have STRIPES, which were the two prompts for June's challenge.  No matter that they match nothing in my kitchen decor (seasonal runner aside), but white bowls go with anything, so there's that.  Also, they do coordinate well with the blueberries that adorn my morning oatmeal every day. :)

So that's the Table Scraps Challenge checked off for this month.  Before you go, though, I thought I'd show you another BLUE/STRIPE score this month.  

I've been pretty lucky at the thrift store lately, and more on that in future posts.  For now, I'll show you one item I was super excited about.  

I had just changed out my comforter set for this one (not my bedroom...I wish):

(Image source:

I just love that it's airy and kind of beachy looking, and it's lightweight enough to throw off and on multiple times a night when the hotness flashes, lol.  I didn't have any wall decor to match when I bought the comforter, though, so when I spied this triple-matted piece of wall art at Goodwill a week or so later, I practically jumped for joy!  On the inside, of course; in the store, that would have been weird.

Here it is on the bedroom wall.  Perfect, no?

Hope you're having a great day!

I'm linking to The Joyful Quilter: June 2022 Table Scraps Challenge.


Wednesday, June 15, 2022

Positivity Progress

When I saw the first Positivity 2022 Quilt-Along posts at Sew Preeti Quilts, I knew I wanted to jump right in!  Are you excited about it too?  You can find all the Positivity 2022 posts linked HERE on her blog.  It's not too late to start!

My first inclination was to use some Civil War reproduction fabrics that I'd been given over the past year or two among other scraps.  I like all kinds of quilts, but I have to say that reproduction fabrics are not what I'm usually drawn to working with.  Putting them together in a donation quilt seemed like a good way to use them up and move them on.

However, what seemed like too much in my stash was not quite enough for this quilt.  So I pivoted to another group of fabrics needing attention, and that was an overflowing box of assorted batiks.

There were plenty of those.  I pulled out every one in the box and ultimately decided to just go for it and use almost all of them, save a couple of outliers. 

My background fabric is neither white nor cream.  It's a Waverly fabric called Pearl, a very subtle gray, which seems to play well with the wide variety of batiks.

Here were the first test blocks.  Looked good to me, so it was full steam ahead!

I got caught up in a couple of audiobooks while making blocks.  First it was The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes.  Then it was Finding Me, the memoir of Viola Davis.  Both very good reads!

Soon enough, I had this little pile of pretties.

And here they are pressed.  There should be 80 of them, but I haven't double checked yet.  

I'm not sure if there are going to be layout suggestions or if we are on our own to play around with it.  Either way, I'm ready for what's next!


Friday, May 27, 2022

Table Scraps Challenge - May 2022

This month's Table Scraps Challenge prompts were "sage/forest green" and "square."

I thought I had a lot of sage green scraps, but it turned out, not so much.  Enough for a couple log cabin blocks, but not much more than that.  

So I switched to forest green, or close enough, for the other two blocks.  I didn't want a stark contrast between the sage and the other greens, so my interpretation of forest green gravitates toward the medium dark vs. deep dark range.

Together the four blocks made a nice square table runner.  And, of course, it all starts with a little red square and builds outward.  

Some of those fabrics have square bits too.  Squares covered!

Linking to the Table Scraps Challenge May Link Party at The Joyful Quilter.


Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Comment Issue Fixed...Maybe?

 A couple people have mentioned having trouble leaving comments on my blog.  I assumed it was a Blogger bug or a Google glitch, or possibly a browser issue.  However, I've now made some changes to my Blogger comment settings and it seems that it may have fixed the issue.  Maybe.

Here's what was happening when a friend tried to comment and what I did in response. 

My friend said when she tried to comment, she got a prompt to sign in to Google to comment.  When she signed in, it just reloaded the page, but it still didn't allow her to comment.  It was just a loop.

My Blogger settings had been set to allow all comments, including anonymous and by name/URL, but she wasn't seeing those options, just the Google sign-in prompt, which seemed to be a dead end.

I did some searching online for answers, and one of the links I explored suggested changing my comment settings from embedded to pop-up window.  I was skeptical that this would help, but when other efforts failed, I thought I'd make the suggested change to pop-up window comments and see. This means when you click to comment, it opens a separate comment window for doing that.  That's also where you'll see other comments that have been left. 

My friend was finally able to comment, so it seems to have worked.  When I checked to see how this looked in practice after making the switch, lo and behold, there were the three options for commenting, i.e. with your Google account, anonymously, or with name/URL.  I couldn't see those choices before in the embedded comment section, even though I had set them to that in my Blogger settings.  Now, within the pop-up comment window, you should see these options and be able to select one when commenting.

One downside will be that I won't be able to reply to any anonymous comments via email, unless you choose to leave your email address in your comment.  We'll just have to see how it goes and make further adjustments as necessary. 

I don't know who else may have had issues trying to comment, but if you have in the past, would you try again on this post?  Tell me what you had for dinner (I had leftover casserole) or your pet's name.  If your comment still doesn't show up, feel free to email me (thewayisewit at and let me know.  Thanks!


Friday, May 20, 2022

Spring is Popping and a Curb Pick

After a long cool spring, it finally got warm—very warm, and very quickly—and everything turned green, popped, and took off!  I mean, it seemed like in just a couple days' time.  I remarked on a friend's Facebook post that my daffodils were barely up a couple inches, then bam, they were blooming, and now, a few days later, they've already called it quits. 

One day I came around the north side of the house to see the bleeding heart bush coming back nicely but no blooms yet, and it seemed like the next, there were pink hearts all over it!  Now it's the lilacs.  Here today, gone in a short few.  Such is the season.

So I did what we do here when it seems we've finally rounded that corner to warm weather.  I bought flowers and mulch and dirt, and set to work cleaning up last year's garden debris, turning soil, and planting pots.  There's not much to show for it yet except aching knees and whatever the heck I did to hurt my left foot, but hopefully that'll all get better as fast as things in the garden are growing.

A couple weeks ago, we were out for a neighborhood walk during a time when the city sanctions its semiannual "bulk pickup."  That's when residents can put out larger pieces of furniture and other stuff that doesn't fit in the regular weekly trash container.  Just about every street has the usual lineup of defunct Hoovers, decaying sofas, and banged-up headboards.  I am not above a good trash-picking, though, so I keep a casual eye out for treasure on our walks.  

The hubs is wary of my penchant for adopting others' castoffs, but he should trust me by now.  He's still using a bedside table I gleaned from the curb years ago and repainted with a faux marble finish.  And there was that lovely-but-rained-on vintage typewriter that turned into a nice bit of green cash.  And remember the Red Wing crock that's now holding a plant in our living room?  Just a few of my trash-picked treasures.

(2018 - Can you believe someone put this beauty at the curb?!)

So when I pointed out a bench on our recent walk, I got the usual resistance.  "We don't need that!  Where are you going to put it?  It's nasty, and I'm not carrying it," and so on.  But by the time we reached our house a couple blocks later, he agreed to hop in the car and retrieve the bench.

Isn't she pretty?  Okay, maybe not cosmetically, but she was sturdy.  Good bones, as they say.  

I sanded her down as best I could—and there were more layers than a Swiss Colony Dobosh Torte—or as best as need be, since she was just going to go back outside to serve a supporting role for summering houseplants.

A couple coats of exterior paint and voila!  I'm sure it won't be long until the weathered patina returns, but at least she had the full spa treatment in the interim.

Not much sewing has happened for a couple weeks while I did other things in the fine weather.  But yesterday I started on my Table Scraps Challenge for May, so I won't be totally empty handed by the end of the month link-up.

So tell me, do you have a favorite trash-picked success story?