Sunday, October 30, 2022

Table Scraps Challenge - October 2022

This month's Table Scraps Challenge prompts were lime/light green and joy, however you may wish to interpret that. 

I had some pieces of pinkish-purple and green batik fabrics which had already been sewn together into strips (see them in the middle of the left-hand side of the photo below).  These were part of the thrift store haul of batik fabrics a few months back.

I had enough of the strip sets to make something small.  I followed a fun tutorial from Connie Kresin's blog, Freemotion by the River, called Hidden Wells.  By sewing a couple of strip sets together and cutting them into squares, then sewing those together per the tutorial, I made this cute little table topper.

Mine turned out about 20-1/2 inches square (my starting squares were a bit smaller than 8-1/2 inches, more like 8-1/4). I had juuust enough strips to squeak this out, which was great!  

The joy part is the fun of making things like this; also, I'm finding a lot of joy in the fall season and the beautiful colors we've enjoyed over the past few weeks. 


We found these cool ginkgo leaves on a walk through the park. I loved watching them turn from lime green to greenish-yellow-brown in the space of a few days. 

I was tempted to try to applique some ginkgo shaped leaves onto this table topper but decided to save that idea for another time.

The back (above) is pieced from more batik strip scraps and another piece of fabric. That side maybe looks more fall-like.  Flip a coin—or flip sides—I like both! 

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Sunday, October 16, 2022

Jelly Roll Race with Thrifted Batiks

 Back in June, I stopped at a local thrift store I hadn't visited in a while.  I can't remember now if I had something in mind to look for; maybe it was junk journal ideas or supplies.  Whatever the reason (and there doesn't need to be much of one for me to go), I made my usual pass through the sewing and crafting aisles and spied a couple bags of fabric.  They were both sealed and taped, but I could see they were stuffed with batik fabric, including what looked like a good chunk of a jelly roll.  For around three dollars total, it was a no-brainer.  Into the cart they went!

When I got home and opened the bags, OH MY GOODNESS!  There was at least 5 or 6 yards of batik fabric, from scraps to fat quarter size to half-yard cuts and half a jelly roll.  On top of that, there were 10 meticulously pieced 8.5-inch blocks and multiple strip sets sewn together.  Wow!

A couple weeks ago, I decided it was time to do something with those batiks.  The starting point, I thought, would be to utilize the remaining jelly roll strips, and then I'd cut additional strips from the other pieces to make something.  But what, exactly?  I started looking around for inspiration and soon found a video for a jelly roll race quilt with a twist (free downloadable pattern HERE).  Perfect!

I know the jelly roll race quilt has been around for a long, long time, but I'd never made one.  This particular idea had a little three-piece section inserted at the end of each strip, which supposedly would make an interesting secondary pattern due to the way those would fall when piecing it.  Okay, cool!

But here is where I tell you there was more fiddling involved than you might imagine.  Now this is probably, in part, because the extra batik strips I cut were perhaps not the exact same length as the ones in the jelly roll.  Some may have been a bit longer, some a bit shorter by a couple inches.  Hence the fiddling.  Also, by the time I got all the strips sewn together vertically, the right side was a full one inch longer than the left side, so there was a bit more fiddling and trimming to even it up.  I also removed a strip that didn't look right among the rest of them and replaced it with another.

For the backing, I went rooting around in the sewing room and found one I had pieced a few years ago but didn't use.  It had a section in the middle pieced from hand-dyed fabric scraps, but they were too dark for this quilt.  I ripped that section out, rejiggered the other large pieces from the original backing, and then sewed in a replacement section using some of those batik strip sets from the thrift store bag, as well as scraps from the jelly roll race quilt.

After quilting, this was the final result.  I'm happy with it!

And here's the back.

The scrappy binding is from three different purple batiks that seemed to play well together.

I don't normally wash finished quilts right away, but I am going to with this one since I didn't prewash all the bits and pieces from the thrift store.  I'll throw in a couple of color catchers, cross my fingers, and hope those deeply saturated batiks don't bleed too badly.  I also used a different brand of 80/20 batting than I normally do (Pellon), which quilted beautifully but seemed to have a stiffer hand.  Hopefully washing will soften that up bit too.

I still have quite a bit of pieces left over, so I'm sure there will be another scrappy something or other from those batik goody bags in the future.