Sunday, October 30, 2011

Glove Love


Check this out!

I was thinking about those skeleton gloves Norm was wearing yesterday, thinking about how the first time I grabbed his hand to hold it as we were walking, the palms of the gloves felt tacky.  He said that's because they were football receiver gloves, so they had this grip surface on the palms.  Whatever dude, I thought.
So tonight I'm getting ready to practice some free-motion quilting when all of a sudden—

"Can I see your gloves?" I asked.

I tried them on.  They were a perfect fit.  I felt the tacky surface again.  It was like the underside of a Supreme Slider, the part that sticks to your machine.

"Mind if I borrow these for a bit?"  He didn't mind. I took them down to my sewing room.

Duuuu-huuu-huuude!!  Those gloves are awesome for quilting!

I feel like I have even more control and dexterity than when I wear my Machingers.  They're very lightweight, and I like the Velcro wristband a lot more than an elastic cuff.

And check this out:  They even come in pink!

He got his at Walmart a couple weeks ago (and yes, he still had the package tag).  Said there were several styles and colors.  I hope they still have some left!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sundry Sunday - Vol. 46

I'm over the funk, thank goodness.  Whether it was a matter of time, a shift in the tide, or the mailman bearing squishies, it's gone.  Besides, who can be down on a day like this?
We did some hiking around Devil's Lake State Park on Saturday, enjoying the sunshine and last remnants of fall foliage.
Temps were on the cool side, but as we walked, the layers came off.
The first trail was called Tumbling Rocks.  You can see why.
It was a paved path, though.  Nothing strenuous, just a nice stroll along the shoreline.
I'm not sure how this happened, but Norm is actually smiling here.  It looks genuine, even.  Was my hair goofy?  Some spinach from lunch lingering in my teeth?  (That link is to an awesome restaurant, if you're anywhere near Baraboo, WI.  I had the Moroccan chicken, yum.  The decor is retro fun too.)  

Anyway, this one's a keeper.
Yes, he is wearing gloves that look like skeletal bones.  Quite the sense of style (and humor).
We also did a little trail in Parfrey's Glen nearby.  The trail was quite different than last time we were there five or so years ago.
It used to wind its way to a big waterfall (that's just a tiny one we passed along the way, above), but the path and improvements got washed out with some major flood damage a couple years ago.
The new trail only goes so far, and neither of us were wearing the right footwear to cross the stream and navigate the mud and rocks to get to the falls.  Maybe next time.
Still, it was a nice walk.

Other nice things arrived in the mail this week.  One I can't show you yet because it may be a gift for someone who reads this.  But here is a surprise that arrived from Shay.  She sent me one of her fabric baskets and a fridgie notepad.  So sweet of her!
And how did she know the sorry state of affairs on my refrigerator prior to her new notepad arriving to spruce up the joint?  The woman must be psychic, I tell ya.

I saw these on Generation Q this week and my mouse made a beeline to the site to order myself a necklace.  It arrived in my mailbox almost blindingly fast.  I love-love-love it!

The red/black/white project underneath the necklace is a sewing machine cover I started on Friday night.  The apron fabric was another treasure from Jenny's goodie box of scraps—a entire fat quarter of fabulosity!

Here's hoping you all go forth and be fabulous today!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Favorite Things Friday ~ My Office View

My Favourite Things Friday idea came about at random as the late afternoon sun peeked through the window of my office as I was working today.  

My camera was sitting on the desk and I picked it up to shoot some quick photos of things nearby.  The desk sits in what is normally a darkish corner of the room except at a particular time of day when the natural light is just right.  It does make my monitor a little hard to read (and the layer of dust on it all the more visible), but I love that fleeting slant of light and don't bother to get up and adjust the blinds.

This pottery cup is from my sister, who was going to donate it to Goodwill when she moved a couple years ago.  I gave it a good home instead.  It's the perfect size to hold the phone.

And a stray guitar pick.

It sits on a sweet, heart-shaped crocheted coaster from Mary.

Straight ahead, above the monitor, is a spiderweb quilted wall hanging I made last October, and a vintage Beistle skeleton.

On the wall to the right, one of my favorite photos of my daughter.  Hard to believe it's been six years since this was taken.  She's got a birthday next week!

To the left above my desk are some favorite vacation photos from a family trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan some years ago.  Lighthouses, waterfalls, and beaches were some of the sights we saw.  My daughter was picking out her favorite smooth rocks along the Lake Superior shoreline, many of which came home with us.

And finally, propped in the the corner on top of my scanner is this little softie.  Too cute to scare anyone properly, but he makes me smile.

So there you have a mini tour of my immediate vicinity as I sit here at my desk.  It's only a glimpse of what's in front of me in this corner.  I'll save the view of rest of the room for another time.  Hint:  It includes Pyrex.  :) 

Thanks for visiting!  Now I'm off to peer into your world for a bit...

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Soul for the Funk I'm In

Not a whole lot happening in the sewing room this week.  I'm cutting some strips for a pieced backing for the kaleidoscope quilt.

I need to get some more solids to finish the back, and decide on a binding.

I've been in sort of a funk otherwise.  I could blame Twilight withdrawals (not even kidding), the weather, shorter days (time to break out the SAD lamp), PMS, etc. 
Orphan blocks from kaleido quilt leftovers.  
Maybe I'll put them in the backing, maybe not.

Saw this guy, Allen Stone, on Conan last night.  Wow.  Made it all better.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Mini Mwa-ha-ha

I needed to finish a few minis I'd pieced together a couple weeks ago, so I did that last night.

This one came about when I found a scrap of the chicken print fabric in the goodie box.  It was cut on the curve, sort of a triangular shaped piece generally in the shape it appears here.  Curved piecing?  Why not.  Everything I'd done up to that point had been straight lines.  I would like to make a drunkard's path quilt one of these days, so might as well get some practice.

So I just started adding more bits and it morphed into a scene.  Spooky eyes lurking in the barnyard or star craziness in the sky...something's got their feathers  ruffled!

I can't decide whether to call it Clucky Streak or Clucky Strike??

Next up were the Dia de los Muertos minis.  

Since the Juki was still threaded and ready from doing the fruit and veggie quilt last week, I did a little free-motion quilting on these. 
Just an overall meander on the larger one, and some outlining and tiny loops on the other.
The back of the larger one...
And the back of the small...
I probably should have done the outlining in the center before I put the backing on, but whatever.  Live and learn.

I think I wore out this track on the Foster the People CD while working on these (I love the keyboard part at about 1:00 in).  "Focus on your ability...focus on your ability..." goes the refrain. Sounds like a plan!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fruit and Veggie Quilt Finish

I finished quilting and binding the embroidered fruit and veggie quilt last night!  

This is a quilt that Mom Wald put together, which will be auctioned off for charity, specifically, Japan quake relief.

She brought together fruit and veggie themed embroidered blocks and fabric donations and assembled them all into this quilt.  It's adorable!

I just love the vintage embroidery patterns that were used. 

Even though there is an abundance of variety in the fabrics, it all works very well together.

Many people donated time and talent and energy for this project.  I think she said eleven generous souls participated.  That's amazing!

Here is the back:

And my favorite block.  Such a happy face!  Such beautiful stitchery!

I'll be getting this back to Mom Wald soon, and she is in charge of the auction details.  When I know more, I'll pass the information along.

Thanks so much for visiting!