Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Friends Don't Let Friends Blog Drunk

I swear I felt completely lucid after my scope procedure today.  I came home, made myself an omelet, sat out on the deck enjoying the glorious weather and listened to a few chapters of New Moon on my mp3 player.  Emailed friends while hubby took a nap—all that waiting around for me must have been exhausting—informing them that everything had come out okay.

In short, WA-HOO!

They tell you not to drive or operate hazardous machinery for 24 hours.  I didn't figure that included a sewing machine. Although I have been known to run over a finger or two on occasion.

As for the driving, I just ran a few ditches.  I don't think I did too bad.  Mostly where I went off the rails was because I had sewn the squares together weird before I left for the hospital.

I was inspired by this tutorial at Don't Call Me Betsy, but I used solids,left some blank space, and arranged the pieces to be more reflective of my personal skill level.

I was never that great at Tetris but I liked the game a lot.  You never forget your first computer game.  Or your second...Minesweeper (or was it Pinball?  Never mind, you do forget your second.  Hey, I make it up as I go along sometimes).

You know what I didn't like?  Drinking 4 liters of this craptastic prep solution.  

See those red lines?  I had to drink half last night and half this morning.  I didn't want to take one sip more than I absolutely had to, so I got out the old ruler and marked the halfway mark between the fill line and the bottom (3-1/2 inches down/up, as it turns out).

That stuff is called "GoLYTELY."  Because "Sh*tstorm in a Jug" didn't quite have the same marketing appeal, I'm guessing.  I was never so happy to kick the empty into the recycling bin this morning.

But all's well that ends well, as they say.

We ignored the phone when it rang during a movie tonight.  When I checked the caller ID later, this came up.
At least they're being honest?


  1. Glad to hear the good news!

    I like that Tetris quiltie...I should make one for DH-he loved that game.

  2. Congratulations on the good report! Love the mug rug, too. When I had to have a CT/PET scan, they offered me the chalky drink to drink at home (lots of it!), or to show up an hour early and drink the radioactive Koolaid - the Koolaid was worth the wait! Sorry you didn't have the same alternative!!

  3. uggggghhh that water jug is making me nauseated as I read this! You are a strong cookie! BUT we do what we gotta do as you said.

    It brought back yucky memories of when I was preggo and had to drink A LOT of water for my ultrasound. Then they pressed on my tummy over and over. I thought I was going to explode!

  4. OMG - that stuff was the hardest part of the procedure!!! YUCK
    Love the mat, the only video game I was any good at. lak

  5. I hate that stuff! You didn't get a choice to have pills? Same effect, but easier to swallow:) I'm happy that all is well.
    I never got into video games except to play with the kids a little. I do love the tetris cut jigsaw puzzles at Jigzone, though.

  6. Okay, I truly laughed out loud at Sh*tstorm in a Jug. I took my mom to her colonoscopy, and she said she felt fine afterward... but she told me the same story three time in fifteen minutes.

    So glad your end is well.

  7. Yep, I can say "been there done that" on the colonoscopy and you have my sympathy on that one. Yuk

    What a neat mug mat, I love yours and maybe I can get one or more made for myself. Great idea!

  8. Oh dear God, I'm so happy I didn't have a mouthful of coffee when I read, "Sh*tstorm in a Jug". I'd have been wiping it off my monitor.

    I'm so glad everything went well and your results were awesomely normal.

    Love the Tetris mug rug. I, too, loved that game. I still play Minesweeper from time to time too. :-)

  9. I wanted pictures or video .....

    I'm glad you have the perfect pipework in your backside. That's awesome news.

    And then you came home and sewed? You are a legend.

  10. *love* the mugrug - & the caller ID :) glad your test results turned out ok.

  11. "shitstorm in a jug"

    Tears in my eyes and I had a good belly laugh without peeing a little (for once). OMG! Perfect name for that vile liquid!

    I'm so glad everything is well with you, congratulations!

  12. Okay, you gave your results, which I am really happy about by the way, but how was the procedure? I am up next year to get one. Was it icky?

  13. You crack me up! Kudos to you for keeping your sense of humor. Now the question is, are you going to keep your mat to commemorate the occasion, or give it away? Memories...

  14. Good to see all's well that ends well....
    The Tetris mug rug is a cute idea! Hope you are drinking better stuff in your mug today.

  15. Glad it's all over and now you get back to sewing :)

  16. Laughed my head off over the phone scam people. I think they've called here too.

    Also, glad everything came out alright! This was a really funny post. When Mr. Bug had a colonoscopy (a full eight years earlier than is suggested), he was so loopy afterwards. It was hilarious. There's a long story in there, but I think I'll spare you the details. Glad things are good, though. Health can be a scary thing sometimes.

    xo -E


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