Friday, October 28, 2011

Favorite Things Friday ~ My Office View

My Favourite Things Friday idea came about at random as the late afternoon sun peeked through the window of my office as I was working today.  

My camera was sitting on the desk and I picked it up to shoot some quick photos of things nearby.  The desk sits in what is normally a darkish corner of the room except at a particular time of day when the natural light is just right.  It does make my monitor a little hard to read (and the layer of dust on it all the more visible), but I love that fleeting slant of light and don't bother to get up and adjust the blinds.

This pottery cup is from my sister, who was going to donate it to Goodwill when she moved a couple years ago.  I gave it a good home instead.  It's the perfect size to hold the phone.

And a stray guitar pick.

It sits on a sweet, heart-shaped crocheted coaster from Mary.

Straight ahead, above the monitor, is a spiderweb quilted wall hanging I made last October, and a vintage Beistle skeleton.

On the wall to the right, one of my favorite photos of my daughter.  Hard to believe it's been six years since this was taken.  She's got a birthday next week!

To the left above my desk are some favorite vacation photos from a family trip to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan some years ago.  Lighthouses, waterfalls, and beaches were some of the sights we saw.  My daughter was picking out her favorite smooth rocks along the Lake Superior shoreline, many of which came home with us.

And finally, propped in the the corner on top of my scanner is this little softie.  Too cute to scare anyone properly, but he makes me smile.

So there you have a mini tour of my immediate vicinity as I sit here at my desk.  It's only a glimpse of what's in front of me in this corner.  I'll save the view of rest of the room for another time.  Hint:  It includes Pyrex.  :) 

Thanks for visiting!  Now I'm off to peer into your world for a bit...


  1. Ooh, love your FTF. What a nice office view!

  2. I like that you have lots of special things in your office that you can see when you look up.

  3. What a comfortable spot! Thanks for sharing a piece of your world, P.

  4. Nice. I enjoyed the pix. I feel good when I am surrounded by my things, including pix and what-have-you. Thanks for sharing your "spot".

  5. Love the stray guitar pick..those seem to multiply like rabbits around here. Cute little softie:)

    Thanks for sharing a little corner of your world!

  6. I enjoyed this mini tour around your office. I like to know what people are surrounded by because for me it gives me an idea of what they love most.

    You have some great things. Love that vintage pottery (and why am I not surprised you do too!)

  7. Almost makes me want to go to work so I can have a lovely office such as yours. ☺ So nice you can surround yourself with comforting and beautiful items. Great favorite! Happy FTF! ☺

  8. Your daughter is tall and pretty! Is she your only one?

  9. Love that cute cup! And the spiderweb quilt. And the photo of your daughter. What a lovely space you have.

    xo -E


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