Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Final Countdown

I squeaked out two more minis before I gathered up the scrap piles and cleaned the sewing room yesterday.  Must...move...on...
So this is it as far as these scrappy little numbers go.  Das ist alles.  For now, anyway.
I have decided that as soon as the followers tally rolls over to 150, I will give one away. 
Nothing special about 150, it just seems like as good a reason as any, and I kinda like round numbers.  Although if I get to 151 or 7,527 (although I know I'm not that interesting), I won't be too bent out of shape.  Stay tuned for details.
I think I like the backs of these as much as I like the fronts.
It was basting day today.  The kitchen floor got mopped first and then I went to work, thoroughly engrossed in the Breaking Dawn audiobook from the library.  This book's been pretty intense.  I had several holy crap! moments as I was listening.  

I think I may always remember where I was when I heard certain parts of the Twilight series. More accurately, what I was working on at the time.

I was basting this quilt while Bella was in the throes of...well, I don't want to wreck it for any of my friends who haven't read the book.  She was in the throes, though.  Trust me.

Finally, just so you all can share the ear worm I now have in my head after thinking up this post title, I give you this:


You're welcome!


  1. Love those last two minis! I finally got to make some myself today - woohoo!!

  2. two more very lovely minis :) I especially like the red & green, puts me in the mood for Christmas :)

  3. I love the back of that red one. Cool design!

  4. Thanks, Sandra, for being #150. Looks like we'll have a giveaway! Details in a day or two. Come on back and comment to enter when I post about it.

  5. Wohoo! You hit 150!

    Loving that you're so addicted to Twilight, and that you totally own it!

    Good job with the basting and I'm not even going to listen to the song b/c I already have the ear worm. It is one of my kids' favorites on Rock Band.

    xo -E

  6. Congrats on the 150 mark!

    I love,love the veggie top:):):):)

  7. P...i love seeing those darn scraps being used up! let me know when you box dwindles down..

  8. I'm just thrilled to be a proud owner of one of your mug rugs. :-)


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