Thursday, October 27, 2011

Soul for the Funk I'm In

Not a whole lot happening in the sewing room this week.  I'm cutting some strips for a pieced backing for the kaleidoscope quilt.

I need to get some more solids to finish the back, and decide on a binding.

I've been in sort of a funk otherwise.  I could blame Twilight withdrawals (not even kidding), the weather, shorter days (time to break out the SAD lamp), PMS, etc. 
Orphan blocks from kaleido quilt leftovers.  
Maybe I'll put them in the backing, maybe not.

Saw this guy, Allen Stone, on Conan last night.  Wow.  Made it all better.


  1. ZOMG, this guy is amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this.

    Off to iTunes immediately! :)

  2. I totally understand the funk thing. You'll feel better soon :o) Wow the fabrics you'll be using on your quilt backing are so vibrant!

    Thanks for the hook-up on the singer!

  3. I love those orphan blocks! I hope they make the cut for the backing!

    Sorry you're in a funk. The shorter days are a bit of a downer. Hopefully, all that fantastically wild kelido quilt fabric will cheer you up a bit.

    xo -E

  4. I know what will help! You can make me a cool mug rug! (kidding) I think I am with you on the funk...has to be shorter/darker days.

  5. I've heard of SAD, but I've never experienced it...I don't think so...hummmm!
    maybe that's why I can't seem to shake these odd feelings lately...thought It was something else!

  6. I understand the funk - I was in one too! So I decided to make a quilt "just for the heck of it" - no intended recipient - using some really bright fabrics and a pattern I had been dying to try. Now I'm out of my funk and I have a new quilt for our house!! Win-win!! Now it's time to get back to the projects on the list..... ;-)

  7. I have a load of soul blossoms fabric too. Im waiting for the perfect project to present itself in my mind before I start cutting.

    Despite being on holidays I'm in a total quilting funk at the moment. It happens . Hope you find your mojo soon. Make a mug rug!

  8. Sorry about the funk:) Nice orphan blocks!

  9. As is my habit ~ bad habit ~ I'm again behind on blog reading. Hope you're out of your funk. I think if any kind of fabric could do it, that bright and fun bunch you've picked out ought to do it! :-)


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