Monday, October 24, 2011

Mini Mwa-ha-ha

I needed to finish a few minis I'd pieced together a couple weeks ago, so I did that last night.

This one came about when I found a scrap of the chicken print fabric in the goodie box.  It was cut on the curve, sort of a triangular shaped piece generally in the shape it appears here.  Curved piecing?  Why not.  Everything I'd done up to that point had been straight lines.  I would like to make a drunkard's path quilt one of these days, so might as well get some practice.

So I just started adding more bits and it morphed into a scene.  Spooky eyes lurking in the barnyard or star craziness in the sky...something's got their feathers  ruffled!

I can't decide whether to call it Clucky Streak or Clucky Strike??

Next up were the Dia de los Muertos minis.  

Since the Juki was still threaded and ready from doing the fruit and veggie quilt last week, I did a little free-motion quilting on these. 
Just an overall meander on the larger one, and some outlining and tiny loops on the other.
The back of the larger one...
And the back of the small...
I probably should have done the outlining in the center before I put the backing on, but whatever.  Live and learn.

I think I wore out this track on the Foster the People CD while working on these (I love the keyboard part at about 1:00 in).  "Focus on your ability...focus on your ability..." goes the refrain. Sounds like a plan!


  1. Love them! The spooked chickens is my favorite. Absolutely adorable mini. Thanks for sharing. Happy Monday! ☺

  2. sssssp! Come over to my blog. ;)

  3. More great minis!!! I love love love the chicken mini - it's awesome!!!

  4. I vote Klucky Streak for that first one. It is awesome! I love how there is a little scene going on. And your Halloween minis turned out great too. I'm going to have to listen to the music later (but I will. I promise. You always share really great stuff) because everyone is asleep right now.

    xo -E

  5. I love seeing all your work, but I'm giving extra love to those Dia de los Muertos quilts. They totally kick ass!

  6. Great minis! I like Clucky Streak!

  7. Very nice work! Thanks for sharing your quilt projects with us!

  8. Your minis are all just so adorable ~ but the Day of the Dead minis are among favorites.

  9. Love the Dia de los Muertos minis, they are awesome! lak


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