Sunday, October 9, 2011

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 44

Do you know someone who seems to have their own conception of time?  You say, "Let's get together at 11:00," and they say, "Okay, sure," and now it's 11:53 and they're still not here?  I'm having one of those moments. 

But in the meantime, I did finished one of my jobs for today and now I'm starting a post I didn't think would happen.  So I've got that going for me...which is nice.
This past week, I sent off my De-Stash 4 Malawi package.  I didn't measure, but my rough estimate is that I packed at least 15 yards of fabric into the box.  Click the link on the sidebar to learn more.  It feels good to lighten the stash and do something beneficial for others at the same time.

Tabatha at Bending Pins gave me a Versatile Blogger award this past week.  I appreciate that!  Instead of naming others to pass it on to, because I think you're all fabulous and deserve it, I'm just going to skip the usual rules and do the fun, "7 Things About Yourself People May Not Know" part. 

But first, I have to call the person I'm waiting on to see what's up...

Okay, done.  She is on her way and thought I had said noon.  Because eleven sounds a lot like noon, I guess.  Sisters...gotta love 'em.

[Tick-tock, time it's later in the day.]

We're back from our trip to the outlet mall.  I am pretty excited about these shoes being available in my size.

I usually don't wear any kind of heel, but they're comfortable, and I checked and will still be able to clear doorways with a couple inches to spare, so it's all good.  They look nice with jeans.  I won't bore you the other two pair I bought because they're just sensible shoes, one being waterproof for slogging to work in when it's wet.

Yesterday, we stopped by Goodwill and found a couple cheap thrills.  The first one is a bit on the creepy side, but Norm and I stared at it long enough, we ultimately had to have it (though we are still not sure why).  Don't look at his eyes too closely, or you may suddenly want a burger or an ice cream cone with a twist like the hairdo.  Or maybe you'll feel compelled to make yourself a snazzy pair of red checkered overalls.  No?  Okay, then.  He's a bank, and to remove the money you pop his head off, which some of you may be wanting to do right now, if he's giving you the heebie-jeebies.
At the thrift store, I picked out a little lemon shaped, yellow glass dish and some pins. 
I love pins!  Both seemed appropriate for this time of year.  I think the skull and bones may constitute my Halloween costume.  I really know how to party, huh?

Oh yeah, I almost forgot the "7 Things" list!  Okay, here we go:

1.  I do a pretty good Elmer Fudd impression, but my favorite Looney Tunes character is Foghorn Leghorn.  "Boy, I say, boy!  Pay attention when I'm talkin' to ya, son..."

2.  I cannot sit still when I listen to this song.  I have to bounce my leg or something.

3.  I used to jump rope for exercise when I was in college.  I also smoked cigarettes at that time.  Yeah, that made sense.

4.  I don't wear a wedding ring anymore.  I developed a cyst on the PIP joint of my ring finger so I stopped wearing it.  Hubs doesn't wear his either for work reasons.  We're cool with that.

5.  I am curious about a lot of things, but there are some things I just don't want to know.  I can't decide which category the enigma that is Donald Trump's hair fits into.

6.  I have never seen most of the classic horror movies, and I like it that way.  My brain has a hard time burying disturbing images once they get in.

7.  I've never had laughing gas, but I've had gas that made me laugh.

And with that, I'm out of here!  Keep smiling!


  1. Okay as laid back as I am - I am a real stickler for being on time.

    Love those new shoes. They look comfy AND trendy.

    I don't like horror movies either!

    I'd like to have a conversation about our respective gases but since we're both ladies and all ....rofl

  2. You are too cute Paulette!!

    Laughing about the Donald hair as well---and the Big Boy's head popping off(I miss that restaurant!)

    Hope you and your sis had some laughs!!

  3. Did/do you have Bob's Big Boy restaurants where you live? They were a big part of my youth. There has been an attempt to revive the brand but it isn't the same.

  4. Love! your new shoes! Those are so super cute! How tall is Norm, BTW?

    Your glass dish is so pretty and I love the owl pin!

    xo -E


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