Saturday, October 29, 2011

Sundry Sunday - Vol. 46

I'm over the funk, thank goodness.  Whether it was a matter of time, a shift in the tide, or the mailman bearing squishies, it's gone.  Besides, who can be down on a day like this?
We did some hiking around Devil's Lake State Park on Saturday, enjoying the sunshine and last remnants of fall foliage.
Temps were on the cool side, but as we walked, the layers came off.
The first trail was called Tumbling Rocks.  You can see why.
It was a paved path, though.  Nothing strenuous, just a nice stroll along the shoreline.
I'm not sure how this happened, but Norm is actually smiling here.  It looks genuine, even.  Was my hair goofy?  Some spinach from lunch lingering in my teeth?  (That link is to an awesome restaurant, if you're anywhere near Baraboo, WI.  I had the Moroccan chicken, yum.  The decor is retro fun too.)  

Anyway, this one's a keeper.
Yes, he is wearing gloves that look like skeletal bones.  Quite the sense of style (and humor).
We also did a little trail in Parfrey's Glen nearby.  The trail was quite different than last time we were there five or so years ago.
It used to wind its way to a big waterfall (that's just a tiny one we passed along the way, above), but the path and improvements got washed out with some major flood damage a couple years ago.
The new trail only goes so far, and neither of us were wearing the right footwear to cross the stream and navigate the mud and rocks to get to the falls.  Maybe next time.
Still, it was a nice walk.

Other nice things arrived in the mail this week.  One I can't show you yet because it may be a gift for someone who reads this.  But here is a surprise that arrived from Shay.  She sent me one of her fabric baskets and a fridgie notepad.  So sweet of her!
And how did she know the sorry state of affairs on my refrigerator prior to her new notepad arriving to spruce up the joint?  The woman must be psychic, I tell ya.

I saw these on Generation Q this week and my mouse made a beeline to the site to order myself a necklace.  It arrived in my mailbox almost blindingly fast.  I love-love-love it!

The red/black/white project underneath the necklace is a sewing machine cover I started on Friday night.  The apron fabric was another treasure from Jenny's goodie box of scraps—a entire fat quarter of fabulosity!

Here's hoping you all go forth and be fabulous today!


Shay said...

Wonderful scenery ! Even me with my slug like reputation and innate revulsion of anything resembling exercise would have enjoyed that walk (if I could have done it very slowly)

Love that necklace.

Jenny said...

i seriously knew that box went to a good home!!!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

nice looking trail! fall is a nice time for hiking.

Sara said...

Those colors are making my stomach do flip flops. Need to do trip to Devils Lake in Fall sometime. Necessity.

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

What a beautiful area! That's a pretty cute shot of you and happy Norm in shadow.

I may need one of those necklaces:)

Miri said...

What a gorgeous place for a hike! Wow! You really have fantastic leaf change colors. Love the gloves.

Sarah Craig said...

What a gorgeous place for a hike! And Norm has a really great smile - he should mug for the camera more often! Lovely goodies you got in the mail this week, too.... have a great week now that the funk is gone!!

Diane said...

wow, what lovely fall colors!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful fall colors! What a nice walk. And that Norm is a pretty handsome dude.

Also, love that red, white & black project is AWESOME!

xo -E

Kate said...

Beautiful walk. Looks like you found a great place for some away time yourself. Don't your just love the almost too true blue skies we see in the fall?

Michelle said...

You and Norm had a really beautiful outing! Gorgeous scenery. And you both look great in your pictures.

Yay Shay! Very cool basket. What fun!


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