Monday, October 3, 2011

Monday Miscellany

I didn't have it in me to do a Sunday Sundry post yesterday after being at the flea market for a good chunk of the day.  After all that crisp fall air and bright sunshine, I just wanted to kick back, admire my booty (the purchased kind), and veg when I got home.  Then I fell asleep watching Part 1 of the Ken Burns documentary on Prohibition, and that was it for Sunday.

Norm's goal was to find a mid-century black telephone, preferably old enough to have a metal rotary dial and a handset heavy enough to double as a dumbbell.  

Mission accomplished!  What's even cooler is that it works!  

It has that old-timey, somewhat nerve-jangling ring that transports me right back to Grandma's house and the old party line circa 1965.  Grandma had a corner shelf about waist high (oh wait, I'm referring to my waist high, so probably chest high for normal people).  She had this exact type of phone perched on the shelf, and next to it was one of those 1950's lemon yellow, metal utility stools.  This was all tucked into a corner of the hallway next to the "front room."  Grandma Frieda always called the living room the "front room."  I have no idea why.  She also said "toast-bread" and told us to get "offen" things we climbed on, "ach, yay-o-yay."  

(If you really think about it, "front room" makes more sense than "living room."  I prefer to do my living throughout the house, rather than confine it to one room.)

Poor Grandma.  One summer, the four of us kids stayed at her house while my parents went out of town for the week.  We had learned the number you could dial to make the phone ring, but nobody was on the other end when you answered it.  We took turns stealth dialing (not easy with a metal rotary dial) and then feigning nonchalance as the phone jangled time and again and Grandma stopped whatever she was doing to answer it.  Of course, we thought that joke would never get old.  Grandma had the patience of a saint and rarely spoke a harsh word to anyone, but I'm sure she was relieved to see the rambunctious lot of us go home at week's end.  I think we managed to give her a few more gray hairs, making that cute little stripe down the center of her light brown locks just a little bit wider.

Anyway, back to flea market finds.  There was a lot of Pyrex, but I restrained myself and came home with only one casserole dish in a pattern I don't see often.  I'm going to need some help identifying this.  Any ideas, Pyrex lovers?

I also picked up this fabulous old View-Master Model E.  Made in the mid-1950s of Bakelite.

Of course, I had to buy a couple vintage disks to go with it, "Wonders of the Deep," and "Banff, Canadian Rockies."  I was able to take a couple photos by putting my camera lens to the eyepiece. Sorry, I couldn't capture the 3-D effect, though.

Other than that, we bought veggies at the farmer's market and just enjoyed having a big look-see at all the stuff.  It was a great day.

Meeting Mom Wald
Last week, I met up with fellow blogger and vintage and stitchery enthusiast, Mom Wald of Mom Wald's Place.  If you haven't visited her blog yet, please do.  She really has an eye for pretty vintage things, many of which you can find for sale in her Etsy shop.  

A break in the clouds on a blustery day,
driving to meet Mom Wald!

We got together for lunch in Madison, along with her darling, almost-14-year-old daughter, Little Miss.  It was a delight to meet them both!
Mom Wald asked if I would quilt a special quilt to be auctioned off for Japan quake relief.  She headed up the effort to make a quilt using fruit and vegetable fabrics, along with fruit and vegetable embroidered panels.  Many people donated fabric and/or embroidery pieces to make the quilt.  You can see it coming together HERE

The top is ready to be quilted now — and it's beautiful!  She brought it along last week when we met.  I'm hoping to get to it soon.

She also gave me this cute little zipper pouch she made!  It is completely hand-stitched.  There is tiny quilting around each of the parasols!  I just love it.  Thanks so much!

I hope the week is off to a good start for all of you!


  1. Your post about the rotary phone made me think of my 13 year old grandson asking me how these phones worked! Love the story about your grandma. Sounds almost like mine.

  2. I love the grandma story! What a naughty bunch for playing tricks on her:) You managed to find some very cool stuff again.
    The quilt will be amazing with all the embroidery!

  3. Wow! It's been a LONG time since I've seen a phone like that. Looks like you and Norm had a great time. :-)

    Cool little zipper pouch! How's the quilting coming?

  4. Adore that old naughty girl! LOL. You had a good day at the flea market. Hugs

  5. omg - we had that phone, that brings back memories. lak

  6. The phone brought back a lot of memories. I still have my view-master from when I was little. I spent hours and hours looking and dreaming with my view-master :)

  7. Oooh, Hubby is a phone guy. He is going to love yours, because of course I must show him.

    What poor old grandmas go through. I bet she real knew every time you were stealth dialing, and just pretended to be surprised.

    Fun times! Meeting for the quilt was fabulous. It occurred to me in the middle of the night, that I should have driven up and fetched it to put the red on myself, duh. Is there still time?


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