Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 45

We moseyed through three thrift stores yesterday, with nothing particular in mind, as usual.  At the first one, I snagged some zippers, a piece of Pyrex it turns out I already had, and a paperback copy of Twilight!

This clear glass stoppered bottle was also among our finds.  I don't know whether it's old or new, or what it may have held in its former life.  I just liked it.

The second was a store I didn't even particularly want to go to, as I rarely find a whole lot there.  Although I did find an awesome paint-by-number a few months ago, so I guess that's not entirely true.  But you thrifters know the kind of place—run down and smelling like a combination of grandma's house and pungent mystery cleaning products.

There was a wig I had my eye on, but Norm talked me out of it.  He thought my head was too big for it.  Nice guy, huh?  Probably right though.  I'm not even into wigs, it was just an impulse.  It was short and cute, kind of a wispy/spiky reddish brown with lighter red highlights.  It probably would have looked ridiculous on me.  It was adorable on the styrofoam head though, topped by a military beret, all ready for Halloween. 

I did find a hard cover copy of Eclipse in the book section.  It's in pristine shape, dust jacket and all.

But here is what made my heart go pitter-patter, and then skip a beat when I saw the 75-cent and 1-dollar price tags!
I almost walked right by these, but then Norm pointed them out (he's got a good eye, that man).  They were on a rickety wooden shelf with some terribly junky nicknacks.
Beautiful, gold-leafed Georges Briard glass trays!  One is rectangular and the other square, both in perfect condition.
I just love the mid-century modern design.
At thrift store number three, there was a plethora of Pyrex I could not refuse. 
I did leave some behind, though.  Honest.
It must have been my day for gold embellishments.  Isn't that green divine?  I can totally see a holiday side dish in this casserole.

So there you have it, our thrift haul.  Gads, I need to get some stuff listed on ebay.  Time to rebalance the flow, you know?  I'm pondering a Pyrex giveaway too, since I've got some duplicates.

Gotta run!  Hope you're all having a great day!


  1. I'm digging those decanters or whatever they're called. The patterns on those trays are pretty awesome!

  2. You have the best thrift store luck!! I need to make some time to go thrifting.... it looks like so much fun!! But for now, it's up to the quilting frame for me.....

  3. Check out the haul... I love that green Pyrex dish and those serving trays are divine!

    Some days you can make out like a bandit at the op shops and other days I find nothing. It's all the luck of the draw. Looks like you had a very lucky day!

  4. Love the trays and love every piece of Pyrex - what a great day!!!

  5. Yes, that green pyrex with the gold is too gorgeous!! I never heard of Georges Briard but those trays are pretty for sure!!

    It's true that sometimes there's just nothing good at "op stores" (love that term) but more often, I think, it's me. I go with my friend and she ALWAYS finds at least some cool stuff. You must have been in just the right mood. Good for you!!

  6. What a great haul! I love the decanter and all the cassarole dishes. Those platters are absolutely adorable! Thanks for sharing. Have a great Sunday eve. Hugs!

  7. Thanks for sharing such neat looking pieces. I really like the gold.

  8. I too love that clear glass stoppered bottle - - - no matter what it previously held.

  9. I love those glass trays, can you see the designs as quilt blocks? I can! Don't let Dan Rouse (pieces & press) see those! ;)

  10. Wow what a haul! :-) Those Georges Briard trays are stunning.

  11. Ahh, another successful day thrifting. Your mystery bottle will display well with your Georges trays. Those trays, you lucky, lucky dog.

  12. LOVE those turquoise Pyrex dishes. And the Georges Briard glass trays? Those are pretty awesome. I love the little glass bottle. I probably would have bought it too.

    But my favorite of your thrifted finds were the Twilight & Eclipse books. You are truly obsessed.

    xo -E


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