Saturday, October 15, 2011

Favorites Friday ~ Whoop-Whoop

I am late joining two of my favorite linky parties, Favourite Things Friday and Can I Get a Whoop-Whoop?  But I just couldn't get a post together until today (Saturday).

You see, I've been preoccupied.

Obsessed may be a better word.

But listening to these audiobooks fits in nicely with my other recent obsession, mug rugs and minis.  I swear the color scheme of this one wasn't intentional.  Subliminal maybe.
They're like potato chips...can't stop at one.  I'm talking about the minis, but it could just as easily apply to the book series as well.  Here is the back:
As long as I leave the scraps out in plain view, I'll continue to pick up a snippet of this and a bit of that and make fun mashups.
So, tidying up the sewing space is in order, I suppose.  Soon, I promise.
Norm has been good about indulging me...he has watched the first two Twilight movies with me so far.  I think he's game for the other ones.  He likes the cars and bikes and the action sequences and monster encounters.  Tends to yawn through the romantic parts.  I bet he's over there rolling his eyes in the dark as well.
Here's the thing, I told him:  Women want to be desired.  Longed for.  Craved.  And by two rivals at the same time seems like kind of a bonus.  Makes for even more tension.
I made it up to him though.  We went to see the movie Drive, starring Ryan Gosling.  Not what I expected.  I had to cover my eyes in a couple parts from the gore.
Next up, after I clear the deck in the sewing space and mop my kitchen floor so I can baste it together, is the veggie/fruit charity auction quilt.  I did get the backing ready this week and cut the binding.  Baby steps.
But hubby is planning a thrift store jaunt this morning, followed by grocery shopping (blech).  This evening we're having dinner with our visitor from Utah, my cousin's husband who has been coming out annually to hunt with my dad.  That will be nice.

The weekend will go fast.  It always does!

Here's another of this week's favorites.  If you're not into rock music with a bit of a dark edge (although I can't help giggling at the falsetto "ahs"...there's something kind of Spinal Tap-ish about it), you can mute the sound and just watch the white lines, especially in the last 30 seconds or so of the video.  They would make very cool quilt designs, I think.  I am inspired to try something that mimics such lines and waves.  Reminds me of watching the old oscilloscope while listening to vinyl albums back in the day.  Good times.


  1. Love love love all your minis!! They are awesome!! I have GOT to get up to my machine to make some of these!! Whoop whoop!!

  2. You are officially the mug rug making Queen and we all bow before your greatness.

    I love the second one. In fact I love all of them (again).

    Did you get anything exciting at the op shop?

  3. You might be a quilter if you see quilting designs in the special effects of a rock video. ;-)

    Love, love, love, the mug rugs!

  4. I love your minis too. They're so fresh!! I really loved the Twilight books too. I haven't done a reading all-nighter in many years but they made me do it. Soooo addictive!!!

  5. I read all the Twilight books back to back. I was on vacation fortunately otherwise nothing would have been done for about 4 days.
    Love your minis. I need to start making them as a large quilt just takes too long and I have the attention span of a gnat.

  6. Wow, they are all beautiful! I need to start on something since I've shopped for fabric, but just can't get going! Have a great weekend! Hugs!

  7. Hail Queen P.! (I'm bowing with Shay.) You are on a mini roll!

    Any thrift store treasures? You always find really great ones.

  8. You just plug away on those mug rugs so nicely!

    Yeah,I am right there with ya on the grocery shopping thing--blah!

  9. Squee! OK, I know that was totaly fan-girlish, but I'm so glad you're enjoying Twilight! And you really hit the nail on the head about what a woman wants. That first mug rug is totally Twi-tastic! As soon as I saw it I was in love.

    Love all the minis! Beautiful work!

    I also love your gingham binding and WOW! Good for you on quilting the veggie/fruit charity auction quilt!

    xo -E

  10. Love the mugrugs. Really love the red gingham!! Yeah I liked the series. I got addicted to them. Had to read them in 24 hours each. Kinda as bad as being addicted to Xena in the day. Damn... did I say that out loud? ;) Oh well.

  11. Love all your mug rugs! They look great!

  12. As Shay puts it, you are the mug rug queen for sure! I want to be the charity for your veggie quilt too. I need to make some of those mug rugs right about now, very inspiring.

  13. Love the mug rugs .. I especially like the red, black and white mug rugs .. but the other ones are cute too.

  14. I love your mug mats. I have to get busy!
    My partner and I have been scoring some great pyrex pieces lately. Someone also put a 3 piece set of older corning ware at the curb for pickup the other day. It got picked up all right and spirited right into my cupboard.
    This collecting stuff is very addicting!

  15. Still loving those mug rugs of yours, especially the black and red!

  16. Your mats are so marvelous, that I cannot pick a favorite. Seriously adorable.

    I find it ironic that I was saving the red and white for the binding, and thought I would have to find something different when it was needed for the back. YOU are amazing! You were able to do both.

    Thrifting with hubbies is fun. Odd, but fun.

  17. Oh boy. I love the diagonal one with the trees!


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