Thursday, October 6, 2011

One Way Road

I have been preoccupied this week, which is a good thing—otherwise I would be thinking too much about what happens next week, which I'll get to in a minute.

I've been sewing, still on my little things, and even doing a bit of organizing in the sewing room.  But what I have been preoccupied with is listening to this.

Now I know I'm late to the party on this one, but oh, it was a good story!

"I just don't get the whole vampire thing."  How many people have I said that to in the past few years?  (Don't answer that.)  Well, I still don't get it, but like I said, it was a good story.  A love story.

A friend offered to send these to me to listen to.  As it happened, I was getting tired of listening to public radio and pretty much my entire music collection while I sewed.  So, why not?

Now I have lined up the other books in the series.  I'd be listening right now, but the ding-dang digital audiobook I got from the library yesterday is broken, so I'm waiting on the CDs to come in from a different library.

I'm trying to finish up my mug rugs and minis so I can get to the auction quilt I'll be quilting.  

These are some I've worked on this week.  I tend to like the bright ones, but I've had requests from friends for the softer-hued earth tones.

On Monday, I had a consultation with the specialist for something I've been putting off for a while.

Ugh.  Next week Tuesday is D-day.  Or C-day, as it were.  I am so looking forward to Wednesday and having it me. 

I can't help but hear the Imperial March in my head when I think about it.  The business end of that endoscope looks somewhat menacing.

Dark Invader.*  What was his first name again, Anuskin?

Wrong way going down the one-way road
Wrong way going down the one-way road
Wrong way going down the one-way road
Gonna turn it all around gonna back it on up

That is not what John Butler is talking about in this song.  Catchy tune though.  You can find all the lyrics here, if you're interested. 

*Yes, I know it's Darth Vader/'s a joke, friends.


  1. I've got to schedule another one next week. Never fear...the prep is worse than the procedure. Do not stray more than one room away from a toilet and you'll be fine and dandy:)
    You are just whipping out those cute minis!

  2. You know what would be really cool? If you taped that procedure and uploaded it to You Tube with commentary. I'm pretty sure with voice overs you could make it hilarious and it may possibly go viral launching you into the dubious world of internet fame. Seriously though - close your eyes and think of England or the US or even Australia. Or sing that Favourite Things song from the Sound of Music.

    And get professional help for that mug rug addiction of yours. Gorgeous.

  3. Great looking mug rugs and I loved that series....but I love Vampire stories.

  4. my husband got both upper and lower ones done at the same time in january and that is what saved his life and got him well again. he said drinking the stuff and not being able to eat steak was the worse part of it all. he has made his appointment again for in december as a check up.

  5. Uh-oh, stay preoccupied! If it's your first one, all I can say is the preparation for the scope is the worst of the process. I'll keep you in my prayers, it'll all be okay. I just did the boob smash last week, oh, joy. I like your first mug rug, with the pinks, oranges and black and white, cool!

  6. Whatever happens, never, never ever, lose your sense of humor. Darth Vador, you are a riot!


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