Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Found this walking stick at a craft fair on Sunday. I bought it for my dad, who was about to embark on a sightseeing trip out west. It's hand carved from black walnut.

The tree that the wood came from was taken down a few years ago right across from the park where the craft fair was being held, just a couple blocks from my house. I liked the local provenance. I also liked the duck shaped handle, and I knew Dad would too. I wish I'd had my camera with me on Sunday. In addition to an assortment of walking sticks, this man had beautifully carved ducks, etc., on which he had used colored stains, not paint, so the beauty of the wood shone through. I am constantly amazed by the talented artists in the local community. I bet you can think of several in your area as well.

Whirlygig Christmas blocks! I have all of them pieced and trimmed. Now I just have to play with the layout.

The upholstery fabric for the chairs was in at the fabric store, so I went and picked that up yesterday. While there, I noticed that quilting fabric was 50% off! How could I resist? I bought a few one-yard cuts.

These just say "summer" to me.

I was drawn to the bold graphics in these other fabrics. They're a bit migraine-inducing when stacked all together here, but I'm sure I'll find the right spot to use each of them, eventually.

Now I've got to turn my attention this week to the game case for my sister. Time to re-thread the machine and get hopping!


  1. That is a nice looking walking stick! I bet your dad will be so pleased.

    Ah, you put the whirlygig block with the record fabric on top. So tantalizing. Yes, I'm old enough to remember records....

    Yummy fabrics! I've been thinking a blue, green, and white quilt would be so pretty, and the first set of fabrics is only making me think about it harder. :-) I love black and white in fabrics. Adds some drama, don't you think?

  2. Mmmm, such lovely eye candy! Lots of inspiration there.....

  3. I love those that say "summer" to you. They are beautiful. As for the others, together they are a bit much, but used in the right place, which I'm sure you'll do, they will add so much to a project. I love the black and whites especially, but that green almost looks like snowflakes. Maybe you can use it in a Christmas project.

  4. What a beautiful walking stick!

    Love the new fabrics...how I would love a 50% sale around here!

  5. That walking stick is pretty amazing and I love your 50% off fabric cuts. 50% off is awesome. I even have a tag category for it on my blog. I'm goofy that way. But those fabrics you got are gorgeous. Can't wait to see what you come up with.

    xo -E


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