Monday, July 9, 2012

White Elephant

I passed up this vintage elephant teapot a week ago at Goodwill, even though I liked it a lot. When I saw it again yesterday, at 50 percent off, I liked it 100 percent more and bought it!

I wish I knew the maker, but the only identifying mark is what may be a mold number, 2104, at the base of it.  A bit of internet searching didn't turn up any further clues.

Also snagged a Missoni zigzag platter at Goodwill.  It seemed the perfect colors as summer heads toward fall in a month or two.

I'm just popping in here quickly today.  Posting may be light for awhile as I proofread my dad's book.

Meanwhile, work continues on the string ring quilt as time allows.  The black and white stop border just did not seem to work, so I went another direction, finishing the end black and white squares into the border.  Now I'm piecing a narrow mini-piano key (for lack of a better description) border from the dwindling string ring scraps I have left.  This will be followed by a final wider outer border of the crosshatch background fabric.  The binding will be in the black with white dots again.

I am using every last bit of the crosshatch fabric, which is why the outer border isn't any bigger, but I think it will fit my bed when all is said and done!


  1. Love the quilt and the teapot. I lo e goodwill but sometimes find their prices a little steep.

  2. The quilt is coming together beautifully!! Well done! And I am sure that I would not have been able to leave that elephant stranded on the Goodwill shelf, either!!!

  3. Such a cute little teapot, it was just waiting for you to buy it =D

  4. Your bed is probably calling for that quilt right?! I know when I made one for my bed I couldn't wait for it to be done! You are doing a fabulous job on it P.

  5. Cute teapot. I think it was fate that when you went back it was even cheaper and still sitting there waiting for you!

    I do love that cross hatch fabric.

  6. The quilt is coming out really nice. The colors are so pretty. The tea pot is adorable. My daughter would have flipped for it the first time, but lucky you, you got it for less. Good shopping!

  7. Love what you've decided to do with this ... it is an awesome (!!) quilt!!!!!

  8. I love this string quilt - just beautiful!

  9. Your elephant looks rather striking with the platter.

    Your quilts are so...perfect. Yep, perfect, that's the exact word.

  10. EEEEEEE! I LOVE how the string ring quilt is coming along! I LOVE that scrappy border! LOVE it!

    Your elephant is so cute too! I love that first photo of the white against the earthy zig-zag colors. Beautiful! That platter is so fun! I'm kind of into zig-zag at the moment.

    xo -E

  11. It looks great! I like the repetition of the scraps in the border.

  12. I just bought one of these, sans lid, at a yard sale yesterday and haven't been able to find any info on it...


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