Thursday, May 29, 2014

Friday Flimsy

I have a flimsy to show you today, and it's a colorful one!  This is the chevron baby quilt top I've been working on for a friend.

Ooh-wee, ain't it purdy!  Though you can't see the second row of chevrons from the Pac Man fabric, it is there, on the other side of the railing.  Yep, I was able to squeak out two rows from the piece that a generous fellow quilt blogger sent me (and thank you again so much!).

I think mom and baby are really going to like this quilt.  Hope so, anyway!  Now to get the backing sewn together and the whole thing quilted and finished up.

It finally seems like spring-going-on-summertime here.  It was only today that I finally potted up some annuals and arranged a little warm weather vignette on the front porch (nothing fancy).  It was good to get my garden-gloved hands in the dirt.

The purple parrot tulips are on their last days, so I thought I'd capture a shot before they say farewell.  Like the sun stake?  Norm picked that out at Jo-Ann while he waited for me to buy fabric.  It is solar powered and glows all night long.  Yes, we are easily entertained around here.  ;)

I love these sparkly looking blooms, but I can never recall what they are.  They're pretty, is what they are.  Don't last too long, but they shimmer in the shadow of the irises for a couple weeks anyway.  The giant yellow irises themselves will be popping into bloom soon and will steal most of the thunder in the flower bed for a time.  It looks like I've got some purple salvia that will sing backup, though.  I can't remember planting that, funny enough.  Doesn't mean I didn't do it, but it could also be something that self-seeded from the neighbors, in which case it picked the perfect spot to land.

Speaking of backup singers, have you seen the movie, Twenty Feet from Stardom?  Loved it.  Two thumbs up here. 

More music to enjoy...I'm going to insert this YouTube video here to see if by NOT putting it dead last, it doesn't become the thumbnail in your feed reader.  It irks me that I can blog about other pretty things, but Feedly will grab the video thumbnail. Oh well, can't control everything, but I can give this a try.  Anyway, this is a fun song.  These guys remind me a bit of Little Feat in the 1970s.  Remember "Dixie Chicken," anyone?

The Lily of the Valley I excavated from the north facing flower bed has found its way back and is blooming.  Not that I didn't like it, but it tends to take over the joint, you know?  I guess I haven't been vigilant enough in pulling up the stray plants over the past couple years, and now they have a pretty good foothold again.  Oh well, if you can't beat 'em, at least pick a few of 'em.  This tiny vase is a vintage Pyrex salt shaker.

They smell divine and remind me of my Grandma Frieda.  I don't specifically recall whether she grew them, but she had a pink glass powder jar on her dresser with a Lily of the Valley scented cake and puff in it.  

What's a-poppin' at your house?

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Kim said...

Yes indeedy, your chevron flimsy is looking mighty purdy!! Oooh...a garden being enveloped by Lily of the lovely!!

Sarah Craig said...

I love your flimsy! So very cute and colorful. You did a great job! And I love lily-of-the-valley - I wonder if it would grow in my super-shady yard?

Whoop whoop!!!

Hazel said...

Now that I have learned what a "flimsy" is I have to say that this is really lovely! Glad you got the Pac Man fabric.

You flowers look lovely and I'm glad to learn that lily of the valley has a great scent!

Shauna said...

That is so cute, I love the pac man print mixed with the solids. I think it will be treasured by the mom and baby.

Kevin the Quilter said...

Chevron Chic! Me likey! And, I am sure the eventual owner will as well! Your garden looks loverly!

Sheri said...

The chevron quilt is beautiful and inspiring! The music, flowers and sun thing are great too!

Shay said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

The Chevron quilt is fab-u-lous! Seriously makes me want to start another one for myself. Like- right now.

I spent some time in the garden yesterday with a little more planned for today -nothing much to show for it though - since I'm planting bulbs that wont be pretty till spring. Your garden is looking so lovely.

Karen said...

your chevron looks to be a great size quilt! love all the colors :) lily of the valley is so crazy and resistant to being removed completely - it's those spidery roots that travel forever. I dug up/tried to kill so much of it at my last house and after 5 years it was still trying to come back!

Sue Daurio said...

that is a beautiful chevron quilt, they are certainly going to adore that bright and cheery quilt. Love seeing your flowers.

Musings, Tea, and Me said...

Love your quilt top! And thanks for your inspiring blog...I have to get back into my sewing room - as soon as we've caught up our garden chores.

Elizabeth said...

Love those pretty Lily of the Valley blooms. But, yeah. They are invasive :).

I wonder if JoAnn has any of those sun stakes left? Maybe on clearance? That is really fun. I have weeds almost as tall as I am in my front garden. I don't know when I'll have the time, but I've GOT to get them out and I actually wanted to plant annuals this year. I'll be lucky to get the weeds out.

And that baby quilt is AWESOME!

xo -E


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