Thursday, October 30, 2014

Drunkard's Path Quilt Along - Week 4

There's something to whoop about today—I got the plaid drunkard's path quilt top sewn together this past week!

It went together really well.  I did any necessary trimming to size/squaring up, block by block, as I sewed each row. 

Turns out I needn't have worried about pressing all the quarter circles one direction (toward the circle).  It worked just fine to sew over that seam, and there was no shifting, thanks to strategic pinning and then using my trusty seam ripper, flat side down, to compress the bulkier seams as they went under the presser foot.  No broken needles either, ha!

The full shot was taken with me standing on a chair and holding the camera up almost touching the ceiling.  What we do for our quilts, huh?

It will finish at 72 x 90 inches.  I love it!

It still needs a few things:
  • Backing - Have to see what I've got in the stash.
  • Quilting - Going to send this one out.
  • Binding - Thinking of using more shirt scraps for the binding.
  • Name - Considering "Plaid Portholes" or "Portholes in Plaid," but I reserve the right to change my mind, and your ideas are welcome.
And a label, I almost forgot!  I have been really bad about labeling quilts lately.  I need to label probably a dozen finished quilts.  That sounds like a winter project, doesn't it?  Good thing there's this blog to remind me of the details for each one.

As I have mentioned before, I used the pattern "Dad's Plaids" by Elsie Campbell for this quilt.  It appears in her book String Quilts.  You can also see a video of Elsie Campbell showing how to make this quilt on, HERE.  A subscription is required; I bought the monthly subscription for $2.99, well worth it just to be able to watch this video, but it also gives you access to hundreds more.

And as a final bit of random, how about a photo of the full moon earlier this month.  It was so bright and clear to the naked eye, but my camera couldn't quite capture that image. Ah well, I think it's kind of cool anyway, through the creepy tree and all.  Happy Halloween!

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  1. Oh wow!! Your Drunkard's Path quilt top is amazing. I'm sending you a triple 'whoop'!!

  2. Your plaid quilt is SPECTACULAR! Congratulations . . .

    LOVE IT!

  3. Love it! It really turned out great. How about calling it "Add some plaid" or something like that? Trying to think of a good rhyme. Whatever you call it, it is spectacular. Nice job!

  4. I really love this! It works on every level for me.

  5. Love the way this looks. Downhome and uptown at the same time. You did a beautiful job.

  6. Incredible beautiful !

    Greetz from Belgium,
    Sonja from Scrapadoe

  7. Of all the DPs going at Vickis QAL I like yours best. (Even considering mine!) Love the piecy goodness and using all plaids really makes it.
    Happy Halloween to you too!

  8. AMAZING!!!! I love this quilt so much!! Whoop whoop!!

  9. Your plaid Drunkard's Path is fabulous! All those plaids play together oh, so nicely!

  10. Your plaid DP turned out great! Cool moon photo too!

  11. I love your Drunkard's Path quilt. It's a terrific combination of great fabrics and the perfect design!

  12. It's fantastic. Love the different shirt pieces. It really gives this quilt so much interest.

  13. I LOVE it!!!! That is an amazng quilt!!! congrats on the finish!

  14. I love it. Thanks for naming the book. I would never think to find something like this pattern in a book about string quilts.

    I'm terrible at naming quilts and labeling them too.

  15. Holy Camoly! I am without words! Your quilt has made me literally speechless.........and that's VERY hard to do! AMAZEBALLS!

  16. This makes me dizzy trying to figure out how you did this. It has come together beautifully! Kudos to you!

  17. ok, super cool! Your aesthetic is so different from mine but I so enjoy seeing what you create! I would never tackle this, but love seeing it when you do!!!

  18. This may just be your best quilt yet. Then again, that might happen with every new quilt you make!

  19. It is neat that you posted the photo of the moon at the end, because this is what your quilt brought to my mind P! completely gorgeous and a real work of art! Something one does not think could be done with plaids! Bravo!


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