Sunday, November 23, 2014

Sunday Sundry 11-23-14

It's not often you thank someone for making you feel small, but that's exactly what I did yesterday.  It was all in good fun, of course, an effort on my part to make conversation with the very tall, dark-haired, nice-looking young man shopping for groceries at Walmart.  He was 6'10", which gave him a seven and a half inch advantage on me.  It's rare that I have to look up when I'm talking to someone, brothers, uncles, and nephews notwithstanding.  It felt pretty cool.  And yes, he did say he played basketball, but I didn't get details.  Too busy staring, I guess. ;)

My current tall girl problem is finding pants that fit.  I recently logged onto to do a little pants shopping, only to find out they have discontinued their ultra-tall size. 

Now what am I gonna do?  As if the pickin's weren't already slim.  I haven't sewn myself pants in a long time, but I guess I'll probably have to start again.  I did find a pair of navy unhemmed pants at Land's End and ordered them.  They're just long enough to turn under a quarter inch, basically the serged part, and maybe squeak by—if they haven't shrunk already.  I washed them in cold and they are hanging to dry right now.  We'll see, but I think I will probably have to face facts and fine-tune some pants patterns.
* * * * *

I was pretty stoked to find this item at the store recently.  Gluten-free chicken noodle soup!  What?!  Noodles?!  That I can eat?!  In a convenient can?!

Wait, what is that saying?  Oh yeah.  If it seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Notice anything missing from this picture?  Someone was apparently sleeping at the noodle switch.  There was not a single "whole grain brown rice rotini" noodle in the entire can! 

Faster than you can nuke soup, I fired off an email to the company, complete with photos.  They gave me double my money back at the store, per their policy, which was sort of beside the point, but okay, fine.  Interestingly enough, there were no more cans on the shelf when I went back to the store, which I hope was indicative of a product recall, not more soon-to-be-disappointed soup eaters.

* * * * *
Let's have some happy talk, shall we?  Have you been watching "Finding Your Roots" on PBS this fall?  Love that show.

Last week's episode included an exploration of actress Tina Fey's ancestry, which revealed that her several times great-grandfather was John Hewson, an important quilt textile maker during the time of the American Revolution!  How cool is that?

Link to Article on Hewson in Folk Art Magazine (p. 61-71)
In her inimitable way, Tina admitted she tried to make a quilt once, but apparently "didn't get the quilt gene."  You can watch the entire episode online HERE.

* * * * *
I eeked out a log cabin mug rug this week.  Still playing with the corduroy and flannel scraps on the cutting table, but I'm about done with them now.

My sewing mojo seems to be in a state of semi-hibernation.  I'm trying to be gentle with it and go with the flow, or lack thereof as the case may be.  I'm sure it'll wake up in due time.

* * * * *
What would a random post be without some music to play us out? I found so many interesting options this week, including:


Sarah Craig said...

At 5'8", I'm not as tall as you, but I remember how much fun it was to dance with my friend's dad, who was 6'6" - he always made me feel petite, too! That still doesn't happen very often...

Leslie Creech said...

Chicken noodle soup story was hilarious. Love your writing and your blog.

Lisa Marie said...

Wow, I'll bet you DO have trouble finding pants. I'm 5'10" and it's hard enough for me. Have you tried Christopher and Banks? I bought a pair of their pants in tall and they are too long for me. Of course, you would have to buy online, but if you join their free loyalty program you get free shipping all the time and can make returns at their stores. Good luck!

Marei said...

At 5'4" I don't have that "tall" problem....I have the "wide" problem. Hmm...I probably shouldn't be baking cookies right now, huh? Where the hell is a mumu when you need one? Thanks for posting the music. Hubby & I loved the movie and the tunes.

Shay said...

Im only 5 ft 6" and Ive found the opposite problem- I frequently have to take my pants up. Do you want me to send you my leftover bits so you can add them to your pants to make them longer?

Hazel said...

I have trouble getting tall pants, and have googles "tall ladies pants" and have received help there.

Lara B. said...

It IS really difficult to find pants for tall girls Paulette. Maybe there is a club for that out there on the internet.
I had a professor who had one foot a whole size larger than the other. He found his opposite match, so they could share shoe purchases.
If your sewing mojo has to take a nap, this is a good time of year at least. there is so much else that needs to be done for the holidays.
Marei's comment is hysterical!

patty a. said...

New music from the Crows - my brother is on tour with them! I didn't get to go to Warren, Ohio to see them - it was a combination of miscommunication with my son and I was really tired from working.


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