Friday, May 8, 2015

Marei's Scrappy Mountain Majesties

Friends, I have nothing much to show for myself this week, but a couple of backings pieced and a binding cut.  And the flower bed mulched. 

But fellow quilter Marei got her Scrappy Mountain Majesties quilt top done, and that deserves a whoop-whoop!

Marei (pronounced "Mary") doesn't have a blog, but you can check out some of her quilts on Flickr here.  I love what she does with scraps!

Check out the closeup of those black and bright prints.  We've got veggies, robots, flip-flops, florals, geometrics, red lips—how awesome is that!  And that text-y light background keeps the whole thing under graceful control and balanced feeling.

Her dog, Scooter, gives it his wag of approval!

Marei is on a mission to MAKE ALL THE QUILTS!  Well, no, that was me getting carried away.  She would like to make all the Bonnie Hunter quilts that strike her fancy, maybe pick her  top 12 favorites and shoot for one a month.

Did I mention she was delusional?  Just kidding, Marei!  Seriously, though, I think she is a very dedicated and goal-oriented person who loves to quilt and enjoys a challenge, and if she says it, I believe she can do it! 

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  1. You and Marei both get a Whoop Whoop from me Paulette! After checking out the awesomeness on Marei's Flicker page I do believe she can Make All the Quilts too, LOL.
    I cannot look at that flower bed without laughing and I think you know why:

  2. Love your flower bed. I see you've got hostas coming up. I planted a few but I have my doubts that the will grow. I'll keep my fingers crossed. Thanks for putting me in the spotlight....going to bask in my 15 minutes of fame. And we both know I AM delusional. :)

  3. Very nice, Paulette! And your flower bed looks very nice!

  4. Way to go Marei!!! I am delusional too as I would LOVE to make all of the Bonnie Hunter quilts I can too! I love your version with the fabrics you selected! P......would you please come mulch my day lily and rose garden for me????

  5. It's beautiful, P.! Give Marei a big whoop whoop from me!!

  6. Marei's quilt is lovely (as is her work on flickr). Aren't most quilters delusional?


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