Friday, July 3, 2015

Another One to the Dogs

It's been a while since I made a kennel quilt for the veterinary surgery practice where my daughter works, but she reminded me recently that the ones I have made are in frequent rotation and holding up well so far. 

A while back, I had cut squares of various sizes and started piecing some strips together, stacked coin style.  Then the whole business sat off to the side for months and months while I got distracted by shiny things, like the sun.

So during this past week, I bent my nose to the task of getting a kennel quilt finished.  I built it out medallion style (kinda sorta) from the bits and pieces already cut.

Longtime readers may recall that I'm making these from my daughter's old scrubs.  In this one, the solids were all patch pockets from scrub pants.  The prints are from the tops.

I started out by quilting a spiral in one of the green corner blocks, which was surprisingly not crappy (beginner's luck, as it happened).  So I thought maybe it'd be good to practice some other quilting designs on this little thing.  HA!  That effort lasted all of five minutes and was immediately followed by 15 minutes of stitch ripping.  Those poor doped up post-surgery pooches don't need any more pain, y'all, and that business hurt my eyes.

Thus, a trusty overall meander finished off the quilting.  The back:

This one measures about 45 x 27 inches.  

I still have a lot of scrubs left, so more kennel quilts ahead.


  1. Love it! I need to do this for my vet.

  2. All I can say...... the canine recipients of these quilts you have made are certainly going to get a head start on their recovery. How thoughtful, and useful re-purposing! Happy 4th!

  3. P!!!! How wonderful to see you creating these kennel quilts! I've been away from my machines for close to two years and am itching to get back, this is a wonderful idea and I look forward to following in your footsteps! xoxo Tabatha

  4. Loving those kennel quilts P - bright and fun ( and those pooches wont be one bit critical of whatever quilting you do - so have at it I say!)

  5. What a cute quilt, and how thoughtful of you to make these. It's funny how perfectionism takes over, even when it's for a dog who won't know the difference. :) I will have to ask my vet if they need any.

  6. Scrubs are probably a good material (yes, I said material and that's what I meant) for kennel quilts. I'll bet it wears really well. The fabric (see what I did there?) is nice and durable. I love this one! Such pretty colors! I may have mentioned, we're getting a puppy a week from today. She's an adorable beagle who we've named Lucy. She is sweet and of course, we love her already. LadyBug took a selfie with her after we'd picked her out and every so often (read: multiple times a day) she turns on her iPod to see her puppy. Grasshopper wants to hold her in his lap on the 1.75 hour ride home. And, I'm making a quilt for her. Nothing fancy. Just a few strips of fabric thrown together (but it inspired a whole color scheme for the puppy -- all of her new things are purple; leash, collar, food dish, dog bed, ID tag). I opted for an all-over loops and flowers, but I'm kind of wishing I'd have used this quilt for a little practice with something I haven't tried on the narrow strips and done the loops and flowers in the wider strips. I cut the strips a long time ago for an on-line FMQ-QAL that I never got around to. I was going for something quick for the quilting, but I think it still would have been quick if I'd have done something interesting with it.

    The whole point here (aside from talking about our new puppy) is to say that your spiral is fabulous and I'm with Shay -- those puppies won't be judgmental at all about your quilting, so use them for a little practice. You can do it!

    xo -E

  7. Sometimes you just need a little break from those shiny things and create something special like this. I love that you've repurposed fabric and give both the dogs and the handlers something nice to work with :) Have fun making some more!

  8. I do quilts for the shelter at CAAWS but I never thought of doing one for the vets office.


  9. Who knew scrubs could be so pretty? Lucky dogs.

  10. My Kaitie works for a vet clinic and I know how much comfort a comfy quilt to snuggle in and hide in brings to the animals. I bet it is even more so the case, being made from scrubs. Seems like every week or two I get a test snapshot of the scrubs wearing clinic employees cuddling animals in recovery. It is wonderful that you do this Paulette!


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