Friday, February 19, 2016

Waiting on Freight

The good news is that after my last post, the cravings have calmed down.  Never did find the ONE THING. 

I did, however, find a couple new gluten-free cookie recipes.  Both were keepers.  One was called "The Perfect Molasses Cookie" and it was just that.  Perfectly delicious.

The bad news is that my treadmill picked the wrong week to break.

There's never a right time for anything to break, but you know what I'm saying.  At any rate, I am awaiting shipment of a new one as I write this.

And it just arrived!

No kidding, the truck just came and delivered it, in a box.  Some assembly required (oh joy).

This one is made right here in Wisconsin.  The things you find on the internet, friends.  I did a Google search for treadmills, read a few reviews, and ended up in my own backyard, so to speak.  Who knew they made a highly-rated treadmill just down the road a piece?

But I don't want to get ahead of myself with an endorsement when I haven't even opened the box. I'll let you know after I've used it a while.  It is replacing a NordicTrack treadmill which lasted 13 years.  That may be tough to beat.

In the meantime, I've been using our NordicTrack ski machine that we picked up for $25 at Goodwill a few years ago.  It was like new, and Norm enjoys using it, but I hate the blasted thing.  However, one must work off the aforementioned cookies somehow, so the ski machine it was.  Glad that's over.

This week I've been sewing Quilty 365 circles.  I have all of February's red and pink ones done and have started on March's greens.  They are fun and fast to do when I've got a few minutes here and there.

As you may have suspected, the circles have also been a means of procrastinating on a couple things awaiting quilting.  

But I will circle back to those.


  1. Good luck that "some assembly required" -- and your circles are gorgeous!!

  2. I can't even get flat-pack furniture right half the time, so will be full of admiration if you assemble a treadmill! Green circles are gorgeous and you are way ahead of the game, so definitely balancing out the procrastinating on other projects. :-)

  3. We just bought (and assembled) a NordicTrack treadmill and we're still on speaking terms:). I'm more a fan of my elliptical, but my hubby likes a treadmill. I'm really loving all the circles!


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