Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Summer Light

Even though I no longer have a school-age kid, I still think of June, July, and August as summer vacation.  Do you, too?  I love this time of year, right now, when the days are long and the possibilities seem to stretch as far as the sunset.  That sense of space and light and freedom.
It may or may not surprise you that I have no particular plans for the coming months, except to enjoy them day by day.  There are no big excursions in the works, though I'm sure a road trip will occur spontaneously now and then.
We have been doing some biking, exploring the trails by pedal power.  Also doing some recon on foot of other potential paths before we hitch up and haul the bikes.
We're out for the leisure of it, the warm breeze through our hair (or helmet), the sights and scents.  Not so much for the sweat and burn and saddle soreness.
After the first ride, my knees were griping, and we hadn't even done any real hills.  Since then, icing them down afterwards has become the thing to.  Not as much fun as tossing back a cold brew, but cold refreshment of another sort.  You do what you have to do.
In the sewing room, there's been some puttering.  I started this month's circles for the Quilty 365 project, and they started to come together as a beautiful garden of colors.  June's theme, as I imagined it back in January, was "Floral or Light Multi."  A change from the one color per month idea, and although I wasn't as confident as I may have been when the plan was hatched, I went with it anyway.  
Well, it turned out just fine.  I delved into the scrap bins in search of flowers and there they were, like seeds ready to bloom.
Although we're only halfway through June, I've got the whole 30 days together in a kind of neat bouquet.
My "scraps of scraps" sitting on the side of the cutting table are finding their way into made-fabric.  Not sure what may become of them, but have no doubt something will, eventually.
Other putzing has involved de-boning some thrifted men's shirts for future projects, and altering and hemming a few clothing items for summer.  Among them was a brand new pair of Cabela's women's capris with the tags still on them that I found at Goodwill.  They were unflattering on me as capris, so I shortened them into shorts.

I do have a project in mind for a quilt to donate to a local group that hosts a hunting event for veterans in October.  They have door prizes or gifts, and I'd like to provide something for that.  I'm thinking a Hunter's Star block quilt, but I'm just beginning to hunt for ideas, colors, etc.
We kicked off the summer by celebrating Dad's birthday on Memorial Day with 35 or so family and friends.  Here we are, the siblings and Dad.  Always a good time!
I am also doing the 21-Day Daily Decluttering Challenge hosted by Courtney Carver at Be More With Less.  It's Day 6 today, so if you're of a mind to jump in, feel free.  It's been very gradual steps these first few days, which is good, but already I've got a big box of miscellaneous things ready to donate, as well as a laundry basket full of sheets and towels from the linen closet.  I feel lighter already.

Hope your summer is off to a great start.  Do you have any special plans?


  1. Ah, you take care of those knees! Ice them, or whatever. I've just had a total knee replacement in March and I'm not yet at the point of recommending it to anyone. Although maybe next spring I will be more willing to do so. Your summer sounds glorious - do enjoy!

  2. Great photos - and boy how I wish our summer break was 3 months not 6 weeks (though it's so wet here right now we wouldn't have left the house for days). Your circles are looking fantastic: I love the first photo of them laid out close together - makes me think of appliqueing them like that, rather than onto their own separate backgrounds. And finally, thanks for the link: I could use a bit of decluttering right now!

  3. Summertime is something I hope we'll always have for school kids, both present and past. It represents so much more than just time off school. It surely sounds like you know how to enjoy yours!
    Your floral themed circles are beautiful. Loved all the photos! Is that a Cecropia or another similar moth? Your Dad looks delighted with his birthday. :)

  4. Wonderful shot of your family! You know my mouth is literally watering over your made fabric! And, I love your cohesive bouquet for "365"! If you are interested in the mystery quilt pattern I did recently, just let me know.....I need to get that pattern written!


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