Friday, September 16, 2016

Weekly Wrap

I'm making progress on a couple of things, kicking the can a little further down the road, as I like to think of it.

On the Quilty 365 circles, I've got last month's group finished up.  I delved from the limited yellows into the tans, which I had planned to be September's color of the month.  I'm just going to consider these August-September's circles, a little bit of both.  

I have scraps rounded up for the oranges of October.  We'll be taking a little road trip in the next month, and I plan to take along the batch of circles to work on, along with Everett, my "O' Brother" sewing machine, the lightest, most portable machine in the bunch.

Everett sure is good company.  I seem to be using the Brother to piece most quilts these days, and to sew and applique the Quilty 365s.  Not bad for a Black Friday lightning deal on Amazon for a lower-end Project Runway machine.  I love that little thing!  

It's given me no grief whatsoever, just hums along like a champ.  I especially like the 1/4-inch foot for piecing, the variety of stitches, and the fact that it sews over bulky seams better than any of my vintage Singers.  I can also join long strips or seams together with no distortion, which I don't dare attempt on my Singer without the walking foot attachment.

Back to the circles for a moment, someone asked whether I might do a tutorial for how I've been making them, and I'll be posting that in a few days.  It's not original or unique, but I'm happy to show you.  Thanks for the "hint"!

Norm decided to mop all the floors earlier this week, so I took advantage of a spic and span kitchen surface and got the Hunter's Star quilt basted.  

Hoo boy, I called it close on the batting!  I have barely a half inch on either side in a couple spots.  If it stays put and doesn't shift in the quilting, I'll be delighted.  Fingers crossed!

Speaking of delighted, I got a nice email from quilter Loyce this week who sent me pictures of her finished Thoroughly Modern Lily quilt that she made with my pattern (still available free--see HERE)!
Loyce doesn't have a blog or Instagram, etc., but gave me permission to share her quilt with you.
Here's what she said about making it:
"I used Luckie fabric by Maude Asbury with a background fabric from JoAnn Fabrics.  The backing is more Luckie.   I ditched each motif and then echoed 1/4".  Also ditched the pink petals of each motif.  My circular piecing left much to be desired and the quilt top was not flat at all.  I opted to keep the edges straight and 'quilt out' the poufiness -- hopefully!  It worked for the most part except in a couple of places between the lilies.  Oh, well.  In the pink petals I echoed the shape of the petal.  In the grey/tan blades I echoed the dip in the top to create crosshatching.  Three lines in the connecting strip.  Then an all-over feather meander courtesy of Sampaguita Quilts.  I used Bottom Line thread in pink, grey, and a pink-y tan because I was concerned that there might be too much thread buildup with the designs I chose."

I think it turned out terrific!  See those cowboy boots in the petals?  And the horseshoe print for the backing?  So fun!  Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilt, Loyce!


  1. Loyce's quilt is lovely as are your yellow circles. I'm interested to know that your basic Brother has been such a success. I'd been wondering about something similar(I don't have anything that zig-zags at the moment) and you make me think this would be a good solution.

  2. The circles are coming along so well Paulette! It is a good idea to blend the yellows and golds. I'm curious to see how you sew the circles.

    Loyce's quilt turned out great too! I lov3e seeing different renditions of patterns!


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