Monday, October 31, 2016

Quilty 365 Progress

This month's Quilty 365 circles are brought to you by the color orange, or what may pass for orange, anyway.  I had to stretch the boundaries a bit to align with the stash, so we have everything from rusty brown to peach, with a twist of gold to boot.
What makes me smile in particular today is the one below, made with one skinny string's worth of skeletons on orange background fabric, plus a stripey narrow string of something else between.  Happy Halloween!
Here is the whole month's worth of orange October blocks.
I missed last month's link up because we were on vacation, but here, too, is the August/September lot of yellow and tan circles.  I made 33 blocks for those two months combined, plus 31 in October, making the total for this project 277 so far.
Now, I'm kind of stumped on November.  In the beginning of the year, I scribbled down color themes for each month, but November was "vintage fabrics?" and December was "holiday fabrics?".  Note the question marks.  I was moving away from the color theme of the month and into the realm of other possibilities when I jotted down those ideas.  

Right now, I'm thinking November may be a free-for-all.  I don't have 30 different vintage fabrics, I know that for sure (and besides, I've used a few vintage fabrics in blocks already; see the orange/teal/black scribble block in the October group above, for example).  So we'll see what happens.

I also finished the quilt top from the Aspen Frost layer cake. It's ready for pin basting and quilting one of these fine days when I feel like moving the kitchen furniture out of the way and mopping the floor.
And I don't think I've mentioned yet the Friendship Circle I had put together before we left on vacation a month ago.  I used the half-square triangles of made-fabric trimmed from the Quilt for Pulse.  When this is finished, it'll be wall hanging size(Also, you won't see the gingham check showing through.  That's my design wall covering, the fuzzy back side of a gingham check vinyl tablecloth fabric.)

Did you have many trick-or-treaters at your house?  We only had a handful this year.  Maybe the fact that trick-or-treat hours yesterday were during the Packer game had something to do with it.

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  1. Love those orange circles - orange just makes me smile! We've had no trick or treaters in years, living in the middle of the country fairly isolated from the neighbors will do that.

  2. I love all what you have made :)

  3. You KNOW I LOVE made fabric! Your projects using them are stellar! As far as trick or treaters, well, none, zero, nada! The Quilt Cave is secluded which I wanted is a respite between flying. That's pretty hilarious that a Packers football game gave precedence to Halloween treats! LOL

  4. I absolutely adore your Friendship Circle block!!

  5. We helped our son and his wife with trick or treat (they're the ones with the newborn) - we handed out nearly 700 pieces of candy (one at a time) in not quite 2 hours and the streets were still full of families and kids in costume. That neighborhood clearly gets swarmed!

    Your circles are wonderful - November and December are months full of so many things so a free for all approach sounds good to me.

  6. I'm totally stealing your Friendship Circle idea!!

  7. Great orange circles - the range of shades looks really good, I think and like you I love that Halloween circle. I also love the Friendship Circle quilt - it reminds me of one of those whirly windmill things (I'm so articulate, but that really is best description I can come up with!)

  8. Lovely colors in your circles, and it looks like you have a host of interesting background fabrics, too!

  9. Love the oranges and yellows. How did you manage to stick to a monthly color theme? Great job! I love the Friendship Circle quilt. What a clever design!

  10. Hi Paulette-thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm thinking maybe Red and Blue might be a good November theme. With some elephants and donkeys? Lol. Love he friendship circle. I think we need more of them.


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