Wednesday, October 25, 2017

The Internet Thinks I'm Elderly...and a Badass

You know how when you're on a website, be it Facebook or any number of other places, and you get served ads?  And those ads are supposedly for items that somebody somewhere has decided may be relevant to you?

Well, apparently the internet thinks I'm elderly...but also kind of a badass.

The number of decades I have been lucky to walk this earth can still be counted on one hand (and, okay, up to the first joint of another finger on the other), so I hardly feel elderly. 

The ads are based on my browsing or shopping history, I'm sure, but orthopedic shoes?  

My feet may be the size of small kayaks, but I just want a supportive walking shoe, is all.  I walk a couple miles a day for health and enjoyment (and to re-listen to all the Outlander books along the way).  Can I help it that I have to wind my way through the narrow alleyways of a half dozen online vendors in search of a decent shoe in my size—available in white only, of course—to find what I need?

Now I'm also seeing a lot of floral polyester blouses being marketed to me.  Which might be okay if I were an extra on the set of Maude.

(I kind of dig her outfit, actually.)

But the kicker came last week when Facebook served up an ad for a 10-pound steel mace.  Because?
Beats me (pun!).  Because a gal needs an outlet for that pent up, middle-age rage, I guess. 

And a kettlebell looks too much like an old lady purse!


  1. I wonder if I am the only person who responds to 'personalised' ads by becoming more and more determined never to buy the goods being shoved at me. I'd love to know what you were browsing that inspired them to try and tempt you with a mace!

  2. I haven't gotten anything that funny! Once they loaded the same blouse about 16 times in a row. Were they that certain of my style or were they seriously overstocked?

  3. Ha. These days, she might just need an outlet for her rage. Not sure that's the best choice, though. Know what's funny? White shoes are totally in,as are floral appliques. So rock your white orthopedic shoes with a floral appliqued leather vest, and maybe tire an Hermes scarf around the handle of your mace. You'll be a stylish badass.

  4. DH and I both got a chuckle over this one.
    Those ads are really annoying

  5. LOVE Ruth Buzzy as the old lady! YOU GO, Laugh In! (can you tell i'm from that generation too?)

  6. This is a HOOT!! I chuckled along, "feet may be the size of small kayaks", all the way through. It IS rather unnerving when something you'd looked at appears on your sidebar, isn't it?

  7. Forgot to say Outlander!! I reread the book during each season too, just to ensure they are staying close to the story, and being totally ticked when they veer off it, ha! I just got a Twitter alert that Sam (Jamie) didn't like the way one scene was written, too melodramatic, so he changed it! Good on him!


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