Saturday, November 25, 2017

Sunday Sundry 11-26-17

I finished this little table topper today.  The hand appliqued basket on blue background square was a pretty surprise sent to me by Audrey of Quilty Folk along with a giveaway I'd won several months ago.  She does such lovely work!  Thanks again, Audrey!
My addition to the piece was a scrappy gold piano key border on two sides. Sometimes you roll with what's in the scrap pile on the cutting table and hope it works.  I think it did!
To be honest, I felt a little guilty machine quilting the basket block.  But hand quilting is not my forte, and I wanted to finish this up and get to using it (on my bedside table), so I went with my instincts.
 * * * * *
November has been quite a month.  My dad has not been feeling well, and we've made three visits to the ER in the past four weeks, resulting in two extended hospitalizations.  
(November sunrise over the neighborhood)
As far as the doctors have determined, he developed pneumonia, triggered by an allergic reaction to one of the strong antibiotics he had been receiving for several weeks to treat a bone infection (in the ankle he fractured way back in January; it's been a long, drawn out healing process for that orthopedic injury).  
(Stone bridge over duck pond in the park)
So it's been up and down, to say the least.  The good news coming out of the ordeal is that his ankle seems to be finally healed.  Now to address the other issues that have arisen as a result of the pneumonia, with the goal of his further recovery and regaining of strength.
* * * * *
Somewhere in there, I finished the baby quilt for my niece's new baby boy.  

(Maverick's baby quilt)
(Baby quilt back)
I look forward to meeting the little guy for the first time on Sunday and giving him and his family this quilt!
* * * * * 
I also finished a quilt for the animal surgery.  This is yet another kennel quilt made from repurposed scrubs.

(Kennel quilt from repurposed scrubs)
I got to use up a lot of the Halloween themed scrubs that were in the pile.  The sweet Rottweiler I saw cuddled in it post-surgery (and after Halloween) didn't seem to mind all those witches!
* * * * *
We stopped at Goodwill for the first time in a few months, and lo and behold there was a vintage paint-by-number!  
They seem to be more elusive and harder to find these days, but it happened to be our lucky day.
Not your typical framed PBN painting, though.  It was painted on a large metal tray.  The first metal item in my collection.

And signed!  "Sis", whoever she was, did a great job!


  1. The basket looks great in that setting. I really like the swirls you quilted in the basket. The baby quilt looks wonderful too - what a great pattern and wonderful colors.

  2. Love your table topper! So much fun to open to your post, see the table topper & think 'this looks kind of familiar'! Really neat to see the colors you added & the quilting. Really made me smile.😊😊

  3. I love the setting and colors you chose for your basket block. The colors are repeated in your November Sunrise photo, so beautiful. Wishing a speedy and full recovery for your dad.

  4. I love your table topper. So many nice projects and finds. Hugs

  5. So sorry to hear about your dad; hope he is well on the road to recovery now. Love the chevron quilt, great colours! And I think what you did with the basket block is just perfect!

  6. P, you are such a good daughter for helping your father through this difficult time. I am sure it is a difficult balancing act getting everything done. That baby boy quilt is perfect! So modern and stylish! Great job Sis!

  7. I love what you did with the basket block - it looks just right, and also like both your quilts a lot. You are doing well to sew, when your poor dad has been having such a tough time. I hope they get things sorted out and that he recovers well.

  8. I love the baby quilt-the single stripe on the back end is great design work. I started an Ohio Star quilt when I was pregnant with my oldest son (Ohio because that's where his dad is from). I wanted to do it all by hand. He's 22 now and it still isn't finished. I keep telling myself I'm going to finish it one of these days. He'll probably have 3 kids running around by then. The November sunrise shot is gorgeous, too.


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