Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fall Visit to Wisconsin Quilt Museum

When I wasn't blogging much these past several months, I was still taking pictures as if I were.
(Someone plowed into this sign near the Quilt Museum - note the street name!)
And even though I wasn't doing much in the way of  making quilts, I did some quilt-related things here and there.  Like visit an exhibit at the Wisconsin Quilt Museum, attend a talk by Heidi Parkes, and take in a local quilt show.  More on those last two another time.

In late November, we visited the Wisconsin Museum of Quilts and Fiber Arts for the exhibit titled "In Death."
("Raw Emotion" by Victoria Findlay Wolfe)
We stopped in on our way through the area for another event, and did a fairly quick walk through due to time constraints.  
("Unresolved" by Ruth Marchese)
I took a lot of photos of the quilts, as well as of the information posted for each one, so I could read about and appreciate these pieces more later.
Given what was happening with my dad's declining health at the time, I also needed time to process the subject on my own terms.

("Jim's Medicine Bag" by Karen Ann Hoffman)
("Streak O'Lightning II" by Katherine Knauer)
Contrary to what one might think, it wasn't an altogether somber exhibit.  The wide range of creativity of expression and imagination on display in each of the quilts was the transcendent take-away.
("My Epitaph Quilt" by Susan Lenz)
The detail on many of these pieces was extraordinary.  Beading, embroidery, buttons, lace and other embellishments, and words, not to mention the quilting.
("Free of Bonds" by Jill Kerttula)
Oftentimes we are captivated by pretty fabrics, but these quilts really drew you in by what they had to say and how they were saying it.
("Leaving" by Jill Kerttula)
There were many more on display, but these were a few of the highlights.  I'm glad we took the opportunity to see the exhibit before it closed.

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  1. The quilting on that biking one--!! Some real thought-provoking pieces here. I think it would be such a tough subject, but cathartic too and so very personal.


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