Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Crocheted Cuties

My daughter Michelle has taught herself to crochet this summer.  Today I'm sharing some things she's made right out of the gate as a "beginner." 

They look pretty advanced to me—and cute as cute can be!  

Crocheting is something I just never got the hang of.  I did learn to knit when I was a teenager and made some basic things like scarves and even attempted to make myself a sweater.  Crocheting, though?  Not my thing.

Michelle has taken to it like a duck—or whale—to water.  Look at this fun blue guy!  Amazing!

Here's the book it came from.

Next she made a little turtle from the same book.  So adorable.

She gave both of these to a sweet little boy, her boyfriend's nephew, who loved them.  Another nephew got this cute little Baby Yoda.  Awwww...

Some more progress pictures:

I loved seeing each of these creations take shape.  Well done, Michelle!  I hope you'll have more to share sometime.  Oh, and we kids-at-heart like crocheted cuties, too...just sayin'.  ;)

Do you crochet?  Is there a craft you never quite got the hang of?


Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Michelle is doing so good!!! Awww, is right on baby Yoda!!! I love to crochet. My daughter and I crochet teddy bears to put in Operation Christmas Child boxes.

Pam Dempsey said...

Great crochet job, so cute!!! :)

Sarah Craig said...

Michelle is doing awesome with her crocheting - those little animals aren't so easy to make! As far as crafts I never got the hang of, I can't stand doing smocking. I can do it - but I don't enjoy it at all. So when our girls were little, a friend and I collaborated - she did the smocking, and I did the garment assembly so our girls had adorable smocked dresses!

Paulette said...

Thanks Pam! :)