Saturday, September 25, 2021

Table Scraps Challenge - September

I've missed a few of the Table Scraps Challenge, but I'm getting back on board this month.  A couple days ago, I put on my quilting gloves for the first time since my finger surgery in early July.  Yay!  

I did a little practicing on a scrappy piece that will probably become a doll quilt.  Just some easy loopy free motion quilting, but boy, was I rusty.  (I'm going to use my oddball gray binding scraps, which I was auditioning in the photo below.)

I had another practice piece sitting on my sewing table from an orphan block.  It's actually the first test block I made from my Thoroughly Modern Lily quilt pattern way back in 2012.  Earlier this year, I had come across the block in the orphan box and decided to sandwich it together as a practice pad to test the stitch tension on my machine.  So one of the petals was quilted (happily, the tension was fine), but the rest of it was not.

Hmm...why not finish quilting the block to practice my rusty quilting, and then (provided it doesn't turn out to be a total piece of garbage) bind it and make a little table mat?  It sounded like a plan.

Here it is after quilting and trimming.  Size is about 16-1/2 inches square.

I think I tend to do better quilting smaller things, maybe because it feels like I have more control over the area when I'm not wrestling extra fabric.  At any rate, it was good practice.

I bound it in a pumpkin colored solid fabric to play up the brown and orange bits in the flowers.

Here's a view of the quilting from the back.

So that's how my September table mat came to be.  It will go on a small table in my bedroom.

Linking to the Table Scraps Challenge link party at The Joyful Quilter.


  1. how unusual... I have mats on both bedroom end tables!

  2. Your quilting looks amazing to me! Great way to finish up an orphan block, practice some quilting and get a cute table topper as well. Glad your surgery was successful and you are back to quilting.

  3. Welcome back to the TABLE SCRAPS Challenge, Paulette!! I'm glad that you found that orphan block. You certainly made good use of it in this table mat!

  4. you may feel a bit rusty, but that quilting looks fine to me. Even the spirals which always give me grief. I think quilting small pieces is easier because it's easier to move the whole piece instead of scrunching it and constantly having to stop to reposition.

  5. I'm happy that you are able to pick up your quilting again. I get that you feel rusty, but the end result looks perfectly fine.

  6. Your quilting is lovely! I would not have been able to tell you are rusty had you not shared. The little mat is wonderful! And doll quilt is going to be too.

  7. I can't believe you released that pattern in 2012! How is that even possible? I guess I really should make it....maybe next year for the 10th anniversary. 😏😏 Your quilting is perfect. I wish I had your ability to come up with such beautiful designs.


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