Saturday, June 5, 2010


I felt a little out of sorts last week following the Memorial Day holiday. I think it was in part due to work picking up, which I am not complaining about. After all, it's what pays the bills and subsidizes my sewing. But I wasn't spending much time in my sewing room, and you know what they say about all work and no play. It makes P. crabby.

Something to that effect, anyway.

I was, however, mulling over a new quilt I wanted to start. Before I get into that, let me just say that I am going to talk about my process a bit. Although I have not taken the Process Pledge (yet), I fully support the underlying idea. I guess I'm just not ready to pledge because I can pretty much guarantee that I will have days when I just want to post some pictures and might not feel like elaborating on my process, or, quite possibly, the lack thereof. For those of you who have no such commitment issues, rock on! I really am fascinated by the process discussion. I just know I have a lazy streak and I already feel guilty enough about that.

Gee, I didn't overthink that at all, did I? Well, if I do get over myself on this issue, you will see a Process Pledge badge over there on the right. Maybe overthinking is just part of my process.

Anyway, this was my process regarding the quilt project, most of which took place in my head (surprise!) and on my ironing board as I auditioned fabric side by side:
  • I would like to make this New Wave quilt.
  • I love the modern design of it.
  • But I don't have a lot of modern fabric in my stash.
  • And I would like to use solely stash.
  • I do have a few vintage fabrics I'd like to use.
  • What if I incorporate both vintage and contemporary fabric in this quilt?
  • I'd be aiming for sort of a Vintage Contemporary (I may have just made that term up) or Retro Mod vibe.
  • My vintage fabrics are very disparate, though.
  • This could be a problem (or challenge, to put a more positive spin on it).
  • Perhaps the contemporary fabric could tie it all together somehow?
  • For example, by pulling from the colors in the vintage fabrics.
  • And since the pattern in one group of contemporary fabrics is the same, and I have that one in a variety of colors, the repetition of pattern might further unify the quilt.
  • This may work...
  • ...or it may flop.
  • I need a second opinion (thanks, Desert Quilter, for your encouragement).
  • Okay, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Even if what is gained is a better idea of what doesn't work.
I went ahead and cut out the quilt yesterday and have started sewing it, and, wow, the time spent in the sewing room has been wonderful therapy. Between that and an impromptu jaunt to a flea market this morning, my world seems to have been put right again. Balance restored.

So we'll see how this quilt comes together. Whether it works out or not, I am enjoying the process.


  1. Ooooh, I like. Nice way to use up stash and scraps.

  2. If the fabrics in your pictures are any indication, I think you'll be in good shape. I'm dying to try this pattern - and do it out of my stash, too. I'll be very interested to see how yours comes along! Just remember - if the fabric makes you happy in the quilt, it doesn't matter if it fits in with anyone else's "rules"!

  3. I love that wave pattern. Don't worry if your colors aren't 100% uniform. Waves in the ocean are not one color. It all depends on the amount of oxygen in the water and the amount of plankton and algae. (Yes, I've been watching too many ocean documentaries on Netflix.)

    I say be true to yourself and use your stash. It will be fabulous!

  4. Thanks so much for the sneak peek! The white sashing just sets those fabrics to singing.

    I also enjoyed your process discussion. It's funny because we all do the process, but we don't often talk about it. It's cool because we may all get new ideas and approaches by reading each others' processes.

  5. I think the white sashing will help tie it all together! I'm in the same boat..I like the modern quilts but I just don't have many of the contemporary fabrics but I have so much fabric I feel I have to work from my stash mainly.

    Can't wait to see how this works out.

  6. Great idea P! (The quilt idea and having the guts to share your thoughts about your own process)

    Does this mean you were chanting "it's only fabric " as you were cutting?

    Agree with Michelle too- white is the perfect choice to offset those lovely diverse fabrics.


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