Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Vintage Wedding Photos

I love looking at old wedding photos -- the style of dress, the hairstyles, flowers, and accessories. Too bad about the somber facial expressions on what was undoubtedly a happy occasion. As I understand it, the reason for that was due to the long exposure time required, so folks were not encouraged to say "cheese." Think of them as smiling on the inside.

Not all wedding dresses were white, but when you're looking at old black and white photos, like this one of my husband's great-great-grandparents, married in 1879, you have to use your imagination.

What color do you think her dress was? Black? Brown? Navy?

By the time the next generation of the family got married, the bride did wear white. This is Norm's great-grandparents, married in 1909. Just look at her tiny waist! If she's wearing a corset, it's a wonder she could breathe.

I have somehow amassed a large collection of old photos passed down from relatives through the years. Unfortunately, I can't identify them all. You have to bear in mind, when you inherit a collection of photos, that not all of them are of relatives. Sometimes there may be wedding photos of friends, etc.

I'm not sure who this happy couple is, but I'm guessing it dates to about the late 1890s or early 1900s. Do you think her dress was white or something else? Dove gray? A soft pastel? I love the groom's Cosmo Kramer thing going on with his hair.

There are a couple of relatives in this bridal party from 1912. The groom is my great-grandfather's half brother, and standing behind him is a great-aunt.

These next couple photos are from between about 1917 and 1931, beginning with my husband's grandparents. They weren't married yet here, just attendants for a mutual friend's wedding.

Love the elaborate veils and headwear.

Norm's mom and dad in 1948:

My parents in 1956:

Mom made her wedding dress. It was a beautiful light blue.

Finally, this is Norm and I on June 17, 1983, twenty-seven years ago. Happy anniversary, hon!

The wedding dress I made was an ivory jacquard print, tea-length, with a ribbon belt. I wore my hair in an updo; Norm wore his au naturel. My brother Russ was rocking the Barry Gibb look at the time.

Hope you've enjoyed the wedding photos! Thanks for visiting, and be sure to visit all the sites linked at coloradolady for Vintage Thingie Thursday!


  1. These are awesome! When I looked at the one of Norm's grandmother (when she was an attendant in the friend's wedding) I thought, "wow, she looks like Michelle." Not 100%, but I can definitely see the resemblance.

    You made your dress? That's awesome! Happy Anniversary!

  2. Love your family collection of wedding photos & love the commentary on hair~ Cosmo Kramer & Barry Gibb :-)

    Happy Anniversary!

  3. What an awesome collection of wedding photos! My sister in law just got married and had a 40's theme. I had so much fun Googling wedding photos to look at hairdos and veils to help plan the day! Happy VTT and thanks for sharing!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Weren't you and Norm a stylin' couple! So cute! The dress you made is beautiful.

    Love all the photos. Like you, I love looking at the dresses, flowers, hair styles, etc. Thanks for sharing. :)

  5. Thank you for sharing these. It is so interesting to look back and I don't have any of my own family to look back on so it was nice that you shared.

  6. Happy Anniversary!!! What great wedding photos, new and old. I love the old styles and looking at the flowers, headpieces, all of it! I always wondered why no one smiled....What a great post, I really enjoyed this!! Happy VTT!

  7. Happy Anniversary! That is an amazing collection of photos.

  8. The pictures are just wonderful..the wedding dresses are gorgeous. What sweet treasures you
    have with them. Happy VTT..have a lovely weekend.

  9. Happy anniversary. Those photos were fun to look at. If they only knew that a 100 years later everyone would think they look so depressed. I wonder what they'll say about our pictures in another 100 years!

  10. What a wonderful trek through time. You and Norm just look adorable!

    Speaking of different colored wedding dresses, my maternal grandmother was married in a forest green dress. This would have been in the 1920's.

  11. happy Anniversary! great wedding photos you have! thanks for sharing.. happy VTT

  12. Happy anniversary! Amazing collection of wedding photos of so many generations and fashions.

  13. That was such a fun trip back in time! I love seeing all the different dress styles and even the somber expressions!

    Have a happy VTT!

  14. Happy Anniversary! What a wonderful collection of wedding photos-including yours! Loved seeing how the styles changed over time...some of those head pieces were incredible!

  15. I loved looking at all the old wedding photos, to notice how all the dress styles have changed. You are very blessed to have such a collection of family pictures.

  16. Those are wonderful vintage interesting to see the different styles through the years!

  17. I really enjoyed all the wedding photos. It's a real treasure to have those in your possession and to know who is in the pictures and the dates.
    Happy Anniversary!!

  18. Oh wow I just LOVE all of your wedding photos! They are great. And the one from 1948 looks like the dress my own mother wore for her wedding. Thanks for sharing a little about your family heritage.


  19. Happy Anniversary! Thank you for sharing all those photos. It's always wonderful to me to see history like that.

  20. I love old wedding photo's! These are so nice of your husband's relatives. I especially like the one with the elaborate veil. Happy Anniversary, and thanks for sharing with us.


  21. Wonderful wonderful family photographs! And I so love that you did them as a theme for VTT and included your own wedding, so much fun!

    Happy VTT!

  22. ALL wonderful pictures! Happy Anniversary to you :)


  23. What wonderful photos! So nice that you have a collection of family pictures. I have to collect random ones - There are no pictures of my great grandparents. I think there was very little money to spare on things like photographs.
    Treasure your collection:)

  24. I love your photos, they are wonderful. I just love the old wedding dresses and veils. Happy Anniversary!

  25. oh my, its funny how at the beggining, none of those folks look happy but through the years the look on theor faces change!
    I found you through VTT and have decided to become a follower of your blog, I'd like to invite you to become one at La Bella Vie as well.
    Hope to see you there!

  26. Happy anniversary, I love old pics especially the weddings!

  27. Happy Anniversary!
    Thanks for sharing the vintage wedding photos. Such fun to see the different wedding dresses through the years. You should link this to the Wedding Blog Party I've seen posted on several blogs. I wish I knew the details to share.
    Thanks for stopping by HFTS and leaving a thoughtful comment. I appreciate it.
    Have a great weekend! ~ Sarah

  28. Some of those old wedding pictures have people looking rather grim dont they?

    I love old pictures and you have such a great collection.

    Happy Anniversary to you and your husband.

  29. Paulette - Happy Anniversary!! Boy does Michelle look like Marian! I always thought you resembled your mother, but I think Nita looks more like her. I really enjoyed the wedding pictures!

  30. Oh, wow! Those are just amazing! I have to hazard a guess on the color of Cosmo Kramer's wife's dress -- pink. It has to be pink! Your parents are absolutely beautiful! and I love your husband's parents photo as well. Thanks for sharing. I really enjoyed looking!


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