Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 34

Hi.  I'm still here.  You?

Some funny guy at the grocery store Saturday morning peeked at my cart and told me not to stock up on too much.  You know, just in case of the rapture and all.

Six o'clock Saturday evening found me standing at the stove, making chili for supper and feeling my knees and muscles ache in the good way that they do after gardening.

I put quilting on hold because it's supposed to rain over the next several days, and I wanted to get something—anything—accomplished outside before that happened (and the crop of mosquitoes that will also inevitably result).  

I managed to get quite a fair bit done, actually.  Transplanted all my astilbe from one bed to the north side of the house.  With the shade tree now gone, they would have shriveled in the full sun otherwise.  I moved half a dozen other things around, weeded, and generally poked around in the dirt as one does in a garden.  It felt good to get in there with a shovel and feel and smell the soil.  If that's weird, I don't want to know.

I should probably apologize to my next-door neighbors for having to view my stooped over backside for hours on end.  Maybe having a nice flower garden for them to look at in a month or so will make up for the temporary assault to their eyeballs these past couple days.

My friend Joy (Taradiddle and Malarkey) sent me this potholder recently.  How nice of her to think of me, especially when she's got so much else on her mind, like the graduation of her daughter yesterday.  Joy, if you're reading this, I hope you all came through it okay.

I sure do heart Pyrex and continue to pick up a few pieces here and there.  Like this summery Cinderella bowl...

...and these fridgie dish lids.  If I buy them (the lids), they (the dishes) will come, right?

I hope you have a wonderful day.  The sun is out now, but we're supposedly in for some strong storms later today.  

Sounds like a good time to be in my basement, quilting, listening to the Foo.


  1. The potholder is great!! Gardening is soo much fun isn't it?! It's my second love after quilting!

  2. I think if you see lids you should snap them up. Statistically you're more likely to find the actual containers intact so this way you'll have lids for any bottoms you find in the future.

    I love the potholder. It's totally you and the new pyrex acquisition is really lovely! Looks in almost mint condition.

    Not that I garden often but when I do it always feels like good honest work. I see you have soursobs in the US which heartens me no end. They're a complete bugger to get rid of. If you have a secret I'd love to know - my yard is full of them!

  3. What beauties you have planted in the garden, P. I like that 4th picture plant, is that what you called astilbe? So much for what I know.

    Living in our hot, dry climate, I usually opt for color that's hardy, and we planted a bunch of geraniums, some pinched from here and there...just helpin' people prune back, is all, lol. Enjoy!

  4. What is it about Pyrex that is just so appealing? Fun stuff!
    Good for you and your outside projects. Poking around in the dirt is very gratifying. I hope you were able to avoid any bad weather. The poor folks in Joplin, MO!

  5. P., I enjoyed seeing your gardens immensely! Those pansies are gorgeous and I am drooling over that variegated hosta. Would you send me a cutting (lol)?

    Also, do you know what the soursnobs are that Shay was talking about?

    I spent my Saturday in exactly the same way as you -- out in the garden and then contemplating sore muscles in the kitchen as the 6:00 hour passed and the world didn't end. My gardening wasn't as much fun as yours was, though, I think. It involved less cultivating and digging about and more taming of the jungle that I've created. I have employed several aggressive ground-covers as a border in my beds to keep the grass from creeping in, but they get out of hand fairly quickly.

    Also, thanks for the Foo. Hope you enjoyed your sewing time.

    xo -E

  6. Your flowers are lovely! You mentioned the rapture that didn't happen and I have to tell you a story. We were sitting at my daughter's graduation ceremony in Pittsburgh on Sunday. Right before the ceremony, the sound system made a very loud crack that scared the spit out of everyone. A guy behind me said to his teenage son, "Wow! I thought that was the rapture starting!" The kid replied, "What's the rapture?" Dad responded, "Well if you don't know, you obviously weren't taken!"


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