Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Inching Forward in the Queue

I seem to have quite a few projects all at the same stage—needing backing, basting, quilting and binding.  It's not really surprising that I work this way, doing multiple things at a time or alternately, then arriving at a similar point with all of them, yet nothing entirely finished.  

I've fallen in love with this thread, Mettler Metrosene, for piecing.
This is a spool from my mom's thread stash.  Must buy more!

One could look at it from the perspective, I suppose, of something along the lines of chain-piecing.  Chain-finishing?  Whether it's making good use of my time by nudging everything toward the same end, or frittering my energy away, I don't know.  It's how I roll.

I bought some fabric for the backing of the Sudoku quilt.  All prewashed now and waiting for me.

The last PhD project to be completed is this New Wave quilt that I pieced last year.  As in, a whole year ago (where does the time go?).  I lacked the skills to free-motion quilt it decently then, but thanks to a bit of learning and practicing, I'm there now.  So I got that goin' for me, which is nice.*

I had picked up a vintage muslin sheet at a thrift store several months ago, still in its original package, which looked to be about as old as I am.  I'm using that for the backing.  It wasn't quite wide enough though (it was a twin fitted sheet), so I'm having to piece it.  Like the quilt top, I'm using both vintage and contemporary fabric for the strip I'm adding in, and I like how it's coming together. 

The muslin sheet has been great to work with—soft, yet it presses and sews like a dream, as if there were a bit of starch to it, even after prewashing.  I hope it quilts just as smoothly.  I won't hesitate to snap up more of these if I see them in the thrifts.

Also in the to-be-quilted queue are the black and white quilt and the H2H quilt.

Ideally, I would crank these out systematically, one right after another.  I am hopeful that will happen, but...

The other thing that's clamoring for my attention now is my neglected flower beds and other containers that are usually planted by now. We've had a long, cool spring but it looks like things are finally turning around this week.  So, do I sew in my basement or work outside?  Hm, let's see...

*Bill Murray as Carl Spackler in Caddyshack.


  1. I am like you I always have many things going at one time. Keeps me from getting bored too quickly. I also am too the point of starting to quilt all my tops, I want all the UFO's done before the year is up, and I keep starting new ones too.

  2. Love the new wave quilt and the other fabrics. I really like the first picture of the empty spool.

  3. LOL! Oh my you finished the top 1 year ago...I have tops in the closet that I must have finished 10 years ago!

    Looks like you'll have a lot of fun finishing these and trying out different quilting patterns.

    BTW, I love Mettler thread for hand quilting.

  4. People like you and I cant have just one thing going at a time P. We like to flit like beautiful butteflies from project to project alighting on whatever takes our fancy.

    Cant wait to see where you land and what gets finished first.They're all going to be uniquely fabulous.

  5. With quilting, I've always been a better starter than finisher. Ahem.

    What terrific backing fabric!

    Oh, and I really like your new header in your blog (well since I've been MIA a lot, it's new to me).

  6. P., you do the loveliest work. You put things together in a way I would never think to and I always admire your work so much! That wave quilt is going to be awesome!

    I work much the same way as you do, whatever strikes my fancy at the time. I have a hundred (or so it seems) quilts started and nothing finished. I don't think I'd get more done if I worked a single project start to finish because when I approach a part of the process that is a little bit scary to me, I slow down. I think it is helpful to have other things in the works, so I can take a break from what is scary or daunting about a project, work up my courage and then come back to it.

    I also have the dilemma of gardening vs. quilting. Ugh. Which do I love more? And more importantly, which needs more immediate attention?

    I guess we'll see what we decide.

    Great post!

    xo -E

  7. I've taught quilting and sewing so I have many UFO's in my closet. It's nice to have several projects going at once--if you get tired of one, you can go to the other :) Have a great week!

  8. You amaze me!! The quilts you create are just gorgeous! I would never have the patience to piece those together.
    Love the new blogger image, your daughter did a great job!

  9. That New Wave quilt is gorgeous! I would love to be able to make such lovely things. : )




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