Friday, December 2, 2011

Favorite Things Friday ~ Pecans

There have been many favorite things about this week.  Nothing dramatic, but just little things each day that have made me smile.  Since I've been a little absent around these parts this week, I thought I'd do a little day by day breakdown of favorites, Monday through Friday.

Monday ~ My physician's assistant, who shot the breeze with me about everything from paleo to palpitations.  He's a smart and funny guy, kind of like talking to a friend for a couple hours.

Tuesday ~  Magnesium, which said PA recommended for said palpitations, and whaddaya know, it worked!  Plus, I have been sleeping like a log.

Wednesday ~ The office Christmas party.  Always good food, conversation, and a little random gift exchange.  I received these, made by a 20-something coworker who had no idea how much I love vintage embroidery patterns!

Thursday ~ Brussels sprouts and new music, not necessarily at the same time though.

Moreland & Arbuckle
Black Country Communion
Friday ~  Ebay sales, all packed and ready to go to the post office tomorrow!

But my favorite thing of all was this batch of beautiful fresh pecans that my dad gave me today! 

He bought them through my aunt in Louisiana, who shipped them here.  Dad spent several hours handpicking them out of the shells this week,making up a bag for each of us kids.  They're so much better than anything we can get in the store.  What a treat!  I'm thinking he'd enjoy a slice of pecan pie at Christmas, were I to make one.  I hope I can stop nibbling on them until then! 


thea said...

What a nice group of favorites ..

Sara said...

Great veggie towels!!!

Ayden and I had pecan pie last night,but I bet those will be even better from your daddy. How sweet of him;)

Karen said...

Good favs for sure! What are you posting on ebay...pyrex? :)

Larri said...

Love those towels! And pecans...yum! We have a friend who invites us to gather pecans from her trees every year. We usually have enough to last several months. Great favourites, P.! What are you selling on eBay? Not your Pyrex collection?! Everytime I see some I think of you. ☺ Happy Saturday!

Michelle said...

What a lovely week of favorites! Good ones, all! Pecans are so tasty. I'm quite partial to them myself.

Suzanne said...

Isn't magnesium miraculous! I discovered it a few years back for the same problem. And hand picked and shelled pecans. Now that's a special gift. Yum!

Elizabeth said...

I've missed your posts this week. Hope all is well.

Magnesium? Who knew.

And your co-worker does beautiful work! Love those dish towels!

I'm not much of a nut fan, but that little dish you've put them in is so pretty!

xo -E

Shay said...

It looks like you had a fabulous week P.

Love those dish towels. Isnt it great when you get a gift that makes your heart sing!

I'll pass on the pecans(allergic )but I totally get the fresh is best thing.


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