Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Sundry - Vol. 50

Deck the halls with...Edward Cullen!

Not the season to be sullen


Dons he now his grey apparel


While I botch this yuletide carol


Oh, the merriment of hanging this poster in my sewing space today! It was a Christmas gift from my friend Marie, who likes me so much she read all the Twilight books just because I would not shut up talking about them.  What a pal, huh?  Though she has no desire to see Breaking Dawn, and Robert Pattinson does absolutely nothing for her, I sure won't hold it against her.  

Hey, if Edward wasn't bored out of his gourd watching Bella sleep every night, I figure he can watch whatever foolishness I get into in the sewing room, right?  Although he looks like he may be waiting for me to sew through a finger.  All in good time, my pretty.  All in good time.

I did manage to bring out a few, more seasonal decorations this weekend, but the going has been slow. Every year, I desire to decorate less.

We needed a catchall for the Christmas cards, so I employed a festive piece of Pyrex for the task.

How do you display your holiday cards, if you do?

It occurred to me that I have no appropriate holiday wall hanging for the front hallway, but I've got a plan to fix that soon with this Carpenter's Wheel block that I saw on Laughter in Quilts.  As I commented to Karen, it looks seasonal without screaming "take me down on December 26," if you know what I mean.  Here are the fabrics I've pulled for it.

And though I haven't sewn a single seam this week, I did manage to get a quilt cut out.  These stacks of raw materials are now waiting for me to bang together at the job site.  (What's with the construction reference, P.?  *Shrugs*)

It occurred to me that the CDs I was listening to as I pressed and cut fabric kind of matched the quilt's color scheme.  Very interesting!
Hubs, who overhears whatever I'm jamming out to in the sewing room, says to me yesterday, "I think you're becoming a progressive rock fan but don't even know it yet."  

Don't know?  Hello?  Who has listened to prog rock since Rush, Kansas, Genesis, Jethro Tull, Yes, etc. were invented?  I just go in cycles with music, and there hasn't really been a decent progressive rock sound I've liked in a while...until Mute Math.  I don't even know if they're technically considered that genre, but it seems as if they lean in the general direction.  By the way, if you want to read something hilariously funny on the subject of progressive rock, see THIS (warning: some people may find this link mildly offensive; I am obviously not one of those people).  And Porcupine Tree?  Must hear more!

The Black Keys are not progressive rock, but rock they do.  I just want to dance with this gentleman.  Perhaps without all the literal hand gesturing, however.


  1. Lovin' the card holden Pyrex! We often use whatever vintage container strikes my fancy. Your wintery quilt sounds wonderful and the subliminal color choices of your modern quilt is rather cool.

    Since I cannot quilt I plan on living, quilting that is, vicariously through your quilting blogging adventures. ;)

  2. I cannot wait to see your creation :) And you are my favorite person ever right now

  3. I'm not crazy about the sparkly guy, but I do love your song!

    Great looking fabrics ready for construction and nice list of bands:)

  4. I love those fabrics you've got cut out!! And we put our Christmas cards on a large near-flat bamboo bowl in the center of the dining room table - they make a very festive display and are easy to go through when we want to look at them!

  5. Oh my Edward! How awesome is that Cullen Christmas Carol? I love it!

    And I love the Black Keys song! Nice. Funny video, too.

    Wow. You've been up to a lot of fun fabric prep. That Carpenter's Wheel is going to be really awesome and I love the fabrics for the quilt you cut. You have such great taste!

    We sometimes tape the Christmas cards to the inside (back) of the front door. I also have a little stand thingie that has spots for you to slide the cards in. Your Pyrex is a good idea!

    xo -E

  6. You're officially a Twi-Hard. Once you start putting posters up on your wall it's all over !

    I went minimalist decorating this year . Half my decorations for the tree are still in boxes and bags.

    Love the idea of the pyrex for the Christmas card collection. Have you noticed though that people seem to send cards less and less?

  7. Gotta love a pal like Marie! Now Edward can watch over you. ;-)

    Decorating? What's that? Actually, my mom did get out a Christmas wall-hanging I made many years ago.

    I like the seasonal fabrics you chose, and can't wait to see what that pile of raw materials is going to become. :-)

    Black Keys! Yeah, that's a good one!


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