Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Green as a Mallard Head

I don't spend a lot of time being envious of anybody, especially my brothers, but I will admit that when I saw this picture, I was a little green.

L-R standing: My brother Darrell, Jase Robertson, brother Russ, nephew Nathan, niece Samantha; cousin Jason in front.
My brothers and a couple of their kids spent some time visiting family in Louisiana over spring break, and during that time, they got to meet Jase Robertson from Duck Dynasty!

Jase is my favorite redneck. Of course, my brothers probably didn't know that, so they didn't even get me anything autographed.  Hrmph.

Have you seen this reality show on A&E?  I admit I watch it, and spend equal amounts of time laughing out loud as I do groaning and rolling my eyes.  I mean, good gravy (with squirrel on top).

Of course, it was my brothers who introduced me to the Duck Commanders on DVD a couple years ago.  Then I caught the show and got sucked in.

I haven't heard the full story firsthand, but I hear my cousin (first cousin once removed?) Jason knows the Robertson bunch and made the introduction.  Otherwise, they're not in the habit of meeting with the fans that may wander through their place in West Monroe, Louisiana.  How cool is that!


  1. I can't believe they didn't get an autograph! =D

  2. I love that show. Jase is one laid back dude.

  3. never watched it but the video you had was hysterical! I'll have to check it out. very cool.

  4. We dont get that show here ...bummer, cos it looks like fun.

    You can brag you're famous now by association (once removed )

  5. Fantastic post, I really look forward to updates from you.

  6. I'm sorry I'm so behind. Life. You know what I mean.

    Anyway, I haven't watched this show. And I can't access your clip. My internet is acting up and I'm lucky I can get your blog to pull up. I do want to say that 's a bummer that you didn't get anything autographed. Perhaps they'll invite you next time ., . .?

    xo -E


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