Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's on YOUR Bed?

That was the question posed by Bonnie Hunter of Quiltville a few days ago, with an invitation to link up and show everyone.  It just so happens that I have a Chunky Churndash quilt from one of her free patterns on my bed!

I originally blogged about finishing this quilt here.  In the meantime, different quilts have seen rotation, but a couple weeks ago, I put this one back on.  Spring has sprung, but it's still been pretty chilly at night.

It's a fairly small bedroom with the queen bed taking up most of the space.  Kind of hard to photograph the quilt, but if I stood in the very corners of the room, I could get most of it in frame.  And no, I don't have a headboard on this bed because that's how I roll (translation: I haven't bothered to buy one yet).  I do use pillows, however, usually three or four of them at a time!

Anyway, what I love about this quilt is the super scrappiness of it, and the memories those scraps bring to mind.  I used a lot of my late mother's scraps, along with some of my own, but this was a few years ago when my fabric stash and scrap collection were smaller. There are a few vintage fabrics in there as well, and the narrow red first border is from a man's plaid shirt.

It all came together in a beautiful quilt that remains one of my all-time favorites!

Check out the other wonderful quilts at Bonnie's What's on YOUR Bed linky party!


  1. Very pretty! The nice thing about scrappy is that it goes with any color scheme:)

  2. I like this! Even when it's warmer in the springtime, I still like a quilt on the bed. This one is nice with the blue/white accent.

  3. I love it's scrappiness too...and no way am I showing my bed this week ...I dont think Ive made it since Tuesday (which is most unusual for me )

  4. Love your scrappy quilt, P! Love that you used fabrics that belonged to your Mom. Bet you think of her whenever you look at it. Happy Wednesday! ☺

  5. Yes chilly..we are scheduled for a random frost here tonight. I have to go cover all my plants in a bit:(

    I love all the memories within your churn dash!!

  6. That's awfully pretty, P.! Great design and colors....I'm embarrassed to say that there's a store-bought whole cloth quilt on my bed - I haven't gotten around to making a king size quilt yet! But at least it's a quilt!!

  7. That is so pretty! Scrap quilts are neat that way--you remember the other projects you made with those fabrics, or people you got the fabrics from. What a beautiful quilt full of beautiful memories.

    xo -E

  8. Wht a cool pattern .... i love all kinds of churn dashes.


    i don't think i'll join in on Quiltville's What's On Your Bed ... because all that's on my bed right now is a sleeping elderly cat.

  9. i love what you did with the chunky churndash blocks - the light and the dark backgrounds, and setting them on point! very nice. i have a cc top, just straight set, ready to be quilted. well, it's been ready for a long time, i just haven't gotten around to quilting it yet. soon!

  10. Love your scrappy quilt! I have started a chunky churndash but right now it is a UFO...the blocks I have so far are stored in a pizza box. Maybe I need to pull it out and work on it some more. :)


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