Friday, April 27, 2012


I got back into the sewing room this week, cleared the debris from the space immediately around my machine and put some seams together.  Awhile later, I emerged with this recommendation:  Next time you're feeling irritable or out of sorts, make a binding.  It cures all manner of ills, trust me.

Scrappy binding for the H2H Quilt
A simple task like that is what you want when you're in one of those moods—something not at all complicated, but one that nudges your brain out of whatever gear its been spinning in.  I think you'll find that once you've finished pressing and winding the colorful yardage of your creation, you feel not only relaxed but productive and ready to move on.  It's true.  You can Google it.

(And what would those search terms be, I wonder?  The "I-hate-everything binding cure"?  How about "Zen finding by minding your binding"?)

What also helps is when the doctor says your husband's fractures have started to heal and he can get rid of the hip immobilizer and start to bear weight and do some PT.  This was our good news on Thursday.  Hopefully, by this time next month, he will only be using a cane or—why not aim high?—no assistive device at all.

Norm admitted to being a bit anxious about shedding the immobilizer at first.  I'm sure some people want to fling the thing out an upper window when they're done with it, but he actually felt secure and supported.  I imagine it's like having to wear the big elastic compression bandage around your midsection 24/7 after a C-section, and when you finally take it off, it feels like your guts are going to fall out on the floor.  Or maybe that was just me.

While I worked yesterday afternoon on the computer, I heard him chinking around the house on his crutches, testing his freed-up extremity minus the Storm Trooper getup.  And so far, so good. 

Beyond the binding—and I guess I've really been talking about different types here, but back to fabric—I went on to make another scrappy string ring (Dresden).  Oh, they're so fun!  Especially when working with some scraps from friends.  They all played nicely together.  

Sometimes I get a fleeting moment of hesitation as I put mint green next to olive next to grass green in these assemblages.  But then all I have to do is look out a window or simply recall our drive through the Wisconsin landscape on the way to the doctor Thursday.  It's spring here, and that means varying shades of green bursting forth, all mixing together beautifully, along with barn reds, silo whites, and gravel grays.  Even the sky is various shades of blue. It all works.

I'm linking up to the party at Sarah's today.  Check out the creative fun at Can I Get a Whoop Whoop?


  1. Sometimes its good to mix things up. You have reminded me to make some bindings. Great to have on hand for the quick quilts!

    Susan and Bentley

  2. Never made binding is it hard? Glad to hear he's out of the immobilizer! Love the Dresden! =D

  3. Love the scrappy binding. I have an ever-going roll. I just save the cut offs from every quilt & add to it!

    I gotta big is that plate? I looks enormous!

  4. Binding is a lot of mindless fun! Once you have the technique down you are roaring to go:)

    The mention of barns makes me smile and definitely think of back home:)

  5. The scrappy Dresden plate looks amazing. I love the way all of the colors are mixed together and still look great. I'm glad to hear your husband is progressing. It's no fun having to deal with body parts that won't cooperate.

  6. There are many that can't stand making you I like doing it. It does relax a person!

  7. Glad DH is on the mend!
    Thanks for your reflections on olive/mint green-I know it stops me in my tracks and yet when I release my brain "rules" it really looks good.
    Love your dresden plates...this one is terrfic.

  8. Oh I really need some of that "Zen finding by minding your binding" :) Love the scrappy string rings all those greens mixed up every where look fantastic! Hope the hubby mends quickly and getting around device free soon.

  9. You are rather poetic. Congrats on the progress, both of you.

  10. You got an elastic compression bandage? I am so jealous! I did not get one either time, but it would have been brilliant since I'd just spent the last nine months sleeping on my left side and trying to sleep on my left side after the c-section made me feel, as you said, like my guts were going to fall out. This is information that would have been nice to know.

    I love making binding! I'm so glad is soothed your mood.

    Also, loving those scrappy string ring Dresdens. Your color scheme is really beautiful and I recognize a few of those fabrics.

    So glad Norm is starting to heal and I'm hoping that the recovery process is as quick as you hope it to be.

    xo -E

  11. Beautiful binding, and great plates!! Whoop whoop!!

  12. You are so funny, Miss P. I nearly miss some of your wordplay but now I know to expect it.

    You're not planning to bind the husband, are you?

    And is everything you sew this gorgeous?

  13. Good news for Norm! (I was going to say Hip, Hip Hooray, but that didn't seem quite right somehow.)

    Love your perspective on true! I hope the Zen binding exercise cured all your woes:)


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