Tuesday, April 23, 2013

H2H Progress Update

I have had my Hands2Help charity quilt blocks done and set out on the floor for over a week.  I need to sew them together now.

Here I have auditioned the three borders.  I think this is going to be it.

There is a Hands2Help progress update linky at Confessions of a Fabric Addict.  Lots of pretty quilts in the works!

One more story from the wild kingdom:  We have a pair of mallards that walk through the yard regularly.  This seems to happen every year in spring with a nesting pair. 

The hen (in the dull coloring) leads the drake wherever she feels like going.  Back and forth they waddle, across our yard and the neighbors', checking everything out.  If the hen pauses to look at something, the drake stops a step or two behind her and waits.

It reminds me of a husband dutifully following his wife around a shopping mall.  If the drake were a man, he might be holding her purse.

"Honey, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, babe.  What is it?"

"Just wait here, I'll be right back." 

"I want your opinion."

"Just a sec..."

"Almost ready..."

"Does this tree make my butt look big?"

Have a good day, wherever you may roam!


  1. Very colorful quilt. I love the wild kingdom update.

  2. Wow! I love that quilt even more now that the blocks are set out together.

    Too funny about your ducks. I love your punch line.

  3. LOVE your bright happy quilt! and your ducks, of course. :)

  4. Love the quilt, and LOVE the captions for Mr. and Mrs. Mallard! LOL

  5. Ok now that was funny and cute! Ayden said, ok now click to another one....he thought you had more funny animal stories!

    Very vibrant quilt!

  6. Your blocks look great! So spot on with the ducks. Ever seen the men sitting in the fabric store, sitting, waiting....

  7. That is going to be one awesome quilt, P.! Love the colors!!

  8. Such a pretty, happy quilt. Your border choices are terrific!

    I got my machine out and set it on the desk this evening, I am afraid to be too determined about quilting, because for the past two years things arise that impede my forward momentum. I'm hoping I can just sneak up on it without the Fates noticing.

    *snicker* about the mallard pair. :)

  9. Another husband, humoring his wife, paused his vehicle, so my husband could patiently have his photo taken by his wife at the blue bonnet fest. Husband empathy, I could not stop laughing at the looks on both guys faces.

  10. P., thank you for the laugh this morning. I absolutely loved your narration of what the mallards were up to. That was way too funny.

    And not too be out done by the mallardjusted couple, your Hands 2 Help quilt top is amazing. I love the pretty rainbow scrappyness of it all and I think your borders are just right. Beautifully done! Yay for you!

    xo -E

  11. Yup- your border choice is perfect. Love that riot of colour.

    I often wonder what our feathered or furry friends are saying. Now I know. Im going to start calling you Dr. Doolittle!

  12. Too funny about the ducks! Wonder if they have eggs in your yard? We had a ducks that kept hanging around our mailbox by the road and one day I noticed there were eggs there. I would have picked a less busy place to lay them myself.

  13. I appreciate your beautiful HST's And the use of solids and prints. Very pretty and springy! Also enjoyed your wildlife pics - I had to laugh because I am working on a duck quilt!


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