Tuesday, April 9, 2013


I happened upon this video today, which shot me straight down memory lane.  I was never able to see them live (they were in Florida, I was in Wisconsin raising a family), but through the magic of YouTube, I now finally get to see a video of my brother's band from back in the day.

Darrell still has the best hair in the whole fam-damly.  He's on the far right, the tall, skinny guy with the black guitar and wavy, natural blond locks, with a solo at about 2:30 in.

Even if the music isn't your thing, it's fun to watch the hair show!

So whatever happened to the band?  About the time they were gaining some popularity and local radio airplay, something happened that would forever alter the course of music history:  Grunge.

The End (of hair metal, anyway).

He's still playing in his free time with my brother Russ and others, singing in the church choir, giving lessons, and now he's got a new gig that has taken him over to the far side, as in country music.  What is the world coming to?  ;)

Rock on!


  1. That hair is out of control!! :)

  2. They're good! Loved the solo and the short dual lead after it.
    I have mixed feelings about country music...I do like some Keith Urban:)

  3. Ugh...I'm having flashbacks to my own BIG Hair and hot pink stilettos and spandex....wish I still had that body!

  4. They all had it going with the hair, didn't they? It's too bad grunge put an end to their band. I'd like to hear his current music too. I never got into grunge. But I do like country music, or at least most of it. It's a lot like the pop music of the 70's, not at all like the nasal country western of the 70's.

  5. Grunge... backlash on rock and hair and all the hair products used by hair bands, including shampoo.

  6. I was more of a grunge gal myself ...I probably have some very bad pics of myself all dolled up in grunge attire somewhere ....

    Those guys are good!

  7. With that hair going it's a wonder they can strum a guitar!! lol They had better hair than a lot of people perhaps.

    I like country music myself.

  8. Hair show indeed! Your brother has some gorgeous hair. :). The band sounds good too - more than just a pretty hair show.

    Really enjoyed the lead bass opener. Used to be a running joke between my dad and I - how he didn't play bass; he played lead bass.


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