Wednesday, July 24, 2013

More Before and Afters

The remaking of blocks from my grandma's quilt top continues, and I am enjoying the process, surprisingly, more than I thought I would.  It is very relaxing to take the pieces apart, and satisfying to re-stitch them together as well.

There were two of this particular block with red centers.  Funky orange and pink flowers with cobalt leaves on a drab olive-brown background?  Makes you wonder what they were smoking, those fabric designers back then, doesn't it?  Luckily, I've got a soft spot for fugly fabric, so it's all good.

Before (1 of 2 identical)
I hadn't considered replacing the red with a blue center until the pieces were in the sink along with parts from another block (see above).  But that looked good together, so I remade one with a blue center from scraps left from a FQ.
After #1
And the second was remade with a pink dot, as was the initial plan.
After #2

Here's the blue print block before and after:
I thought this would be more of a "now and then" type of thing to work on, but with no other major sewing plans at the moment, and having found this endeavor quite pleasant, on we go!


  1. Gorgeous...I love that double blue block.

  2. Love the blue with the orange print!

  3. How fun to be (re)creating right alon with your grandmother! How special! I love how they are turning out!

  4. Wow....changing the middle color in those first blocks really changed the look of the block...for the better! I love how you are taking these blocks and bringing them back to life!

  5. You're doing a fabulous job - the top two blocks look amazing with the new center colors! And don't dis that fabric - I think I had a dress made of it back in the 60's!!

  6. I am totally in love with you color combos in the re-do. This will be such a memorable quilt :)

  7. So exciting to see the progress you are making, and imagining you feeling your Grandmother's touch as you handle/remake each block! Other than a bunch of UFO's I don't have any special project pulling me this week, so will spend some time rediscovering my fabric while cleaning my sewing space and hope to find some fabric for my recreation of my MIL's Tulip Quilt. I have the background & sashing picked out.

  8. I was on vacation when you posted these. Love these fabric combinations. I think my favorite is that last one. And your blocks are so nicely done.

    xo -E


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