Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Next Batch

I've been having a good time remaking more vintage blocks this past week.  I love piecing.  Maybe I'm not so much a quilter as I am a piecer.

Whatever.  This is what I have to show for it.

They are paired with the "before" as the top photo and the "after" right below it.

Just two more to go and I'll have them all redone! 

I was going to add to the group with a few more of my own, but on second thought, I'll stick with the original 12.  

I have been pondering how in the world to tie them all together, but I happened upon some fabric the other day that just may work as a sashing. Fingers crossed.

Crazy honkin' strawberry print, huh?  It's some kind of heavy duty cotton-poly (mostly poly) blend.  I can imagine some young miss with a pair of shortalls made from this that chafed like the dickens (pardon me while I interject my own jaded memories of synthetics).  

The dark blue floral print up at the very top is rayon (this quilt is going to need a "no smoking in bed" warning on the label). The balance seem to be straight up bandana prints.

The next project for me will be finishing an oldie but a goodie—a black and white quilt top that's a couple years old.  The thought of quilting it has always made me want hide under the covers.  I didn't want to wreck it.  You know that feeling?  Even after a friend came up with a wonderful plan for the quilting that seemed entirely doable, it still sat around unfinished.

Well, heck.  A couple years is plenty long enough to be a UFO.  I must have learned a few things in that amount of time (aside from the fact I am an excellent procrastinator).  It's time to move past the angst about quilting it and forge ahead.

Or at least baste it, for starters.  Sometimes "forging ahead" looks more like baby steps.


Sarah Craig said...

The blocks are awesome! Your changes have really been for the better. And I think I recognize that pattern - I may have made that up sometime when I was much much younger!

Is your black and white quilt made by the Perfect Ten pattern? I just decided to use that for Lilli's quilt for this Christmas....

Elizabeth said...

So much eye candy, I can hardly decide where to start. Maybe about the piecing. I love piecing too. And you are a beautiful piecer. Those remade blocks are so beautiful and lay so nice and flat. It was so fun to see them in "before" and "after" shots. In every case, your "after" block just blows me away. You do amazing, amazing things with fabric. I think my favorite was the amazing way you made that crazy strawberry print work.

And it was fun to see the B&W quilt out. Baby steps are OK. At least you're moving forward, right?

Fun post!

xo -E

Kevin the Quilter said...

Can't make a quilt without a "piecer!" I'm lovin' your new combos! It's gonna be a super special quilt for you! I really like your ufo too, especially with that hint of red in it! However you quilt it, it will be great, but, I am seeing some straight line quilting in it!

Vicki @ DottyJane said...

Your piecing skills are top notch! (That's my favorite part, too.) The new and improved blocks look great.

The black and white is going to be beautiful! Forge ahead!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Your rescued and re-made blocks are looking FABULOUS!

Good luck on the black and white - try not to let it become "too precious" (guaranteed paralysis inducing)

MomWaldsPlace said...

It is amazing how your funky old blocks are now electrified!

Your quilting skills are fabulous. Methinks you are a bit self-critical.

We all cannot wait for more pics!

Shay said...

Love every single one of your re-hashed blocks (but the red one is my absolute favourite )

Please tell me you took a picture of this quilt before you started the re-model because I cant wait to see those two before and after shots!

Just jump in with that UFO- Ive never seen you stuff up yet with your quilting choices.

Karen said...

Want to see the sashing fabric! The re-do's on these are perfect, blocks really pop. I am also sure your quilting will be fine! Forge on :)

Anonymous said...

Your blocks are looking great! The changes you are making are helping the original fabric POP! The Strawberries look like they are in the field ready to pick! I love watching your remake of the blocks. I cannot wait to see the sashing fabric.

thea said...

I can't believe how great those blocks look. You really seem to have an eye for color. Love the b&w quilt.

Marti said...

I love those blocks. Are the curves as hard as they look?

Yes, I have had quilts I was afraid to wreck and I can see why you are concerned. That is a beautiful B&W quilt. What plan did your friend come up with?

Exuberantcolor/Wanda S Hanson said...

It was fun to read back to where you started the redo of these blocks. I'm a piecer too and hate to 'ruin' my quilt tops with quilting too. I learn to re-love them after they have been quilted a few days though.

Lorna McMahon said...

Wow, you are at it again! Your remade versions of those blocks are awesome. You sure do have a lot of patience for taking them apart. Great unsewing and resewing!

Lynette said...

It's so fun going thru the work you did on these. I love piecing, too - it'a like puzzle making with a better purpose. :)


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