Monday, October 14, 2013

Still Here

Well, that's interesting.

I was in the checkout line about an hour ago, thumbing through American Patchwork & Quilting while I waited.  And then I saw this:

Lost at Sea (designer Annette Plog) from American Patchwork & Quilting Dec. 2013
Which looks a lot like the quilt I made earlier this year:

Ship Shape by P. at The Way I Sew It
The magazine pattern has you using "shirtings."  Mine was made from thrifted shirts.  I didn't have time to read the whole pattern, but life is interesting, no?  We are continually inspired by others, as I was by a photo in Country Living from years ago for mine, and round and round it goes.

Anyway, nice quilt.  I like the way the mag quilt is quilted in an overall panto that looks like waves.  I may borrow that idea.

I've been MIA here for a couple weeks for various reasons.  I strained my right shoulder in early September and instead of getting better, it gradually worsened to the point that I now have a mild case of frozen shoulder, or adhesive capsulitis.  Good times (not).  If you've ever had frozen shoulder, you may have just groaned a little.

Meanwhile, the two quilts I pin basted last month are sitting there waiting. 

I had frozen shoulder on the left side a decade or so ago.  The physical therapist told me it often will occur on the other side at some point down the line.  I am doing the exercises I remember from back then.  I think I may be able to kick this sooner rather than the many months it took last time around. 

It has made me clean up my diet.  I was eating low sugar/carbs for a long while, but then I somehow lapsed back into baking, and there were brownies and chocolate zucchini cake and beet cake and banana muffins.  Oh, my.

No one really knows what causes frozen shoulder, but you are more likely to get it if you're female (check), 40-60 (check), and diabetic (I'm not, though I do have a strong family history and a brother diagnosed with it this year).  One theory is that excess glucose molecules attach to collagen, a major component of ligaments, cartilage, and tendons, which may cause them to stiffen.  Dietary sugar, in general, causes inflammation, and that's not good.

Anyway, it will pass.  It is starting to feel like it's coming around some.  Fortunately, it doesn't hurt to use the keyboard or mouse, but internal rotation (i.e., reaching behind to put on a bra) and external rotation are particularly dicey.  The key is to keep the joint moving.

And now it's time to dance!

And laugh!  This seriously cracked me up.  Joseph Gordon Levitt rocks. (I had to Google to see how tall Stephen Merchant was, and then weird to realize I'm only four inches shorter).


  1. When I saw that first quilt, I thought it was your quilt! Remarkable!

    Sorry your shoulder is still being so temperamental. :(

    Thanks for the lip syncing battle clip. Oh man. How funny!

  2. Sorry to hear about the frozen shoulder - bummer!! Hopefully it will clear up quickly... Love the quilt top, too - just gorgeous!

  3. Welcome back......we have missed you since you gave us the cold! No, seriously, I am sorry you are going through this, and hope you get to feeling better really soon. I can't believe how much that quilt looks like yours! Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!??????????

  4. Dude!? I was get better! Isn't it funny how patterns circle back? Kind of like clothing styles that come back. I don't want bell bottoms again :). I do love your quilt though!

  5. Oh, that Kevin! What a card! Seriously... He needs to be dealt with. Unbelievable! Your quilt has a doppelganger! Hope your shoulder continues to improve and you can get back in the quilty saddle in no time!

  6. If it is not one thing it is another. This is probably crimping your late night clubbing, you disco babe YOU.

    Confession, I never really "got" your music video clips before. Now, after living in Dallas that has an INSANE music scene, I cannot get used to living in the sticks again. I take every one of your clips and add the musician to my Pandora selection. Thank YOU!!!!

    Sooo, he is four inches taller than you...

  7. Well, I'll say this, Ms. Plog has good taste ;).

    Loved the lip sync contest (but there's no way you're going to convince me that they didn't rehearse). That Joseph Gordon Leavitt is just cute as a button. And Jimmy Fallon is really an excellent host. I need to watch more late-night.

    Great music from Capital Cities.

    Hope your shoulder is feeling better.

    xo -E

  8. How's the shoulder? Sorry it's been giving you trouble.

    The almost identical quilts are kind of freaky! Both are beauties:)

    Wasn't Joseph Gordon Levitt in "10 things I hate about you"? I always thought he was a cutie.


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