Thursday, January 23, 2014

Key to My Heart Finished

Happy to get another one finished this week, the Key to My Heart quilt.

Such soft, snuggly goodness!  Jelly roll and backing fabric is Oasis by Three Sisters.  The Key to My Heart pattern is by Sweet Jane.  Quilted in an overall meander with Aurifil in the top and bobbin. 

It's a nice size for a crib quilt, or a lap quilt for people smaller than we here in the land of the giants.  (Although not as gigantic as the perspective of this photo might imply.  I'm standing on a cedar chest for this shot with the camera held above my case anyone was wondering.)

I'll probably hang onto this quilt until the next baby girl comes along via friends or relatives.

Meanwhile, the next one is on deck. 

I basted this top together last night during American Idol. 

I'm enjoying the dynamic between new judge Harry Connick, Jr., Jennifer Lopez, and Keith Urban.  They seem to have a lot of fun together and make me laugh.  It doesn't hurt that they're all nice on the eyes either. 

I'm glad there aren't as many time-wasting awful auditions to suffer through too.  Seems they've whittled it down to decent stuff worth watching.  The past few years, I've skipped this part of the show and just tuned in for the actual competition.

I haven't talked much about thrifting adventures lately because there has been a lack of them.  Last Sunday, however, I stopped at the local Goodwill and found something useful for the sewing room, one of those suction-cup grab handles.  It was brand new, so nothing gross about buying it second-hand.  At $1.99, I could hardly go wrong.

I attached it to a wide ruler and tested it out on trimming this quilt.  Works great!

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  1. Great find on the suction cup ruler holder...I think they're about 20 bucks down under brand new.

    You're on fire P! LOVE LOVE LOVE the Key to my Heart quilt - it looks fabulous...and you're already onto the next one? Good grief I wish I had half your mojo!

  2. Gosh just love this quilt! The colors are beautiful and how awesome you have a baby quilt stowed for a gift! I have wondered about the suction cup holders and am glad you like it helps.

  3. I am loving the look of your new quilt - gorgeous bright colours. Great find on the suction cups too.

  4. Wow! What a great find at Goodwill! Both quilts are gorgeous! Congrats on getting one finished and having another on deck!

  5. Love your new quilt....'tis dancing a merry dance of beautiful, vibrant colour!! I must agree with you...Harry Connick Jr and Keith Urban ain't bad on the eyes!! I wonder if American Idol will find it's way downunder this season.....I certainly hope so!!

  6. What a neat quilt, I can't believe how fast this came together! And you are moving on to the next one...I think you are quickly whittling on your goal the meantime, I do not even have that list written to get abused ...good goin', P ~

  7. The key quilt is really beautiful! Also, is the safety pin the method of basting the second quilt? I really like the idea of the suction cup on a ruler!

  8. Wow, you are just cruising along finishing things! I love your variety.

  9. Such pretty fabrics! That quilt turned out so beautifully! I especially like the pink polka-dotted binding. And what a cool pattern to use with a jelly roll! That will make a lovely baby gift!

    Don't you just love to use Aurifil? I've become a thread snob.

    Also, great job with getting the Monkey Wrench quilt basted. You are really on a roll.

    Oh, and nice thrift shop find!

    xo -E

  10. Look at you go! WOW! What a wonderful finish! What kind of vitamins are you taking? LOL

  11. Soft, snuggly goodness is right Paulette - I love the whole look you created with the colors prints and pattern!


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