Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tea Towel Challenge January Check-In

I guess I better quit procrastinating on the Tea Towel Challenge January Check-In and post while it's still January.

This month we are to make our tea towel and fabric selections.  My tea towel is a Georges Briard 1970s vintage print with some interesting design elements to play off. 

The fabrics are pulled from stash, but they are subject to change.  One of the reasons I delayed posting was that I intended to do some fabric shopping with the TTC in mind, but that hasn't happened yet.  It may still happen or I may just decide to use what's in the stash.

I really like the crazy red/white/black print in the pile below, but I suspect it may be too distracting.  It's a wild card fabric. 

The orange fabric with the leaf or seed shapes below is another possibility.

Beyond the towel and these fabrics, I haven't a sketch or a plan or a clue!  I trust the concept will evolve organically whenever I sit down to play.  I kind of like that idea, although (because?) it almost guarantees some interesting challenges along the way.

Anyone else want to play along?  It's still January for a couple more days.  See the details and other players' links at:

Join me for the Tea Towel Challenge 2014


  1. You have some great fabric choices there. I love the orange with the leaf or seed shapes.

    Like you, I won't sketch or design before I jump in, play with shapes and ideas in fabric and see where it goes.

  2. I like the wild red, white & black fabric too. I think it would look nice. I also like the orange with the seed shapes and the yellow polka-dot! I can't wait to see what you come up with! Fun challenge.

    xo -E

  3. What a cool tea towel. I would imagine that when you sit down and begin to play, that limitless possibilities will spill from your creative imagination!!

  4. I love the tea towel you have I get a feeling of "Angry Birds" or is that just me? I think the fabrics you have chosen are really cool, and match the towel really well! Best wishes with it!

  5. I think the fabrics you've pulled go wonderfully with that very cool vintage tea towel!

    Cant wait to see what you do with them.

  6. You chose a challenging tea towel - but the colors are so bright and happy. It will be fun to work with them.

    Gosh, I'd love to play along. Pretty much working 6 days a week though. I really enjoy my job, but it cuts into my quilting time hugely!

    I think you should use the fabric pulled from the stash as they are perfect!
    I especially LUV that wild red!!!

    This one is gonna be a fave I think!

  8. Hi, love the tea towel idea. I have a question about the jan. 26 post. I love the border fabric in the quilt. Can you tell me where you got it and what the name of it is. Thanks. Sandy

  9. Hi Sandy. The fabric is called Gypsy Girl by Lily Ashbury for Moda. Sorry I couldn't respond by email because your settings are no-reply. Hope you see this and thanks for asking!


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