Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Catch-Up

I've finished the Hands2Help flimsy and have the backing and binding ready to go.  Now I just need to mop my kitchen floor and get to basting it, probably on Saturday morning.

I was W@lmarting the other day when I passed the fabric department and noticed a load of bolts in a bin in the main aisle marked down to three dollars a yard.  These included quite a few decent quality fabrics (i.e., Fabric Traditions, also sold at Jo-Ann, Hancock, etc.).  Since I needed backing and binding for two quilts, I dug and wrestled and rooted through the bin, finally unearthing a few things I liked.

Overall, things seem kind of slower at the moment in the sewing department, but I took time recently to look back at my informal to-do list from earlier in the year to see how I did in the first quarter.
All those red strike-throughs?  I'm pretty happy with that!  I'm down to one remaining flimsy (Fan-tastic) that needs quilting, in addition to the current charity quilt for H2H.  Then I need to get serious about finishing the Tea Towel Challenge quilt this month.  Inspiration, where are you?

After that, I hope to start one from the bucket list.  That'll be fun!  In case you can't read my scribbles at the top of that tattered scrap of paper, that includes a plaid recycled shirts string quilt (like this one), an Irish Chain quilt or some variation thereof, a clamshell quilt (like this one, maybe), a Scrap V quilt, some other kind of string quilt, and/or an "Illusion" quilt (one that creates an optical illusion, like this one).  Then there's the possibilities of a Winding Ways, Storm at Sea, and...oh, the bucket overflows!

Last weekend, we saw the movie Saving Mr. Banks and I really enjoyed it!  

It's funny, but I don't remember seeing the Disney movie Mary Poppins when I was young, although I'm sure I probably caught bits and pieces of it at one point or another on TV.  The music from the movie is very familiar, of course.  We sang it in school chorus, on the playground, etc.  After watching Saving Mr. Banks, I am intrigued to read the original Mary Poppins, by P.L. Travers, and then see the Disney movie version.  

Further in the realm of entertainment, I started watching An Idiot Abroad on Netflix last night, and it totally cracked me up.  After I shut off my tablet, I literally laughed myself to sleep!

On a more serious note, this Heartbleed computer bug news has me sitting up straighter this morning, reading about it.  I found good information and some helpful links in this article at NPR to make it easier to stay on top of the situation.


Kevin the Quilter said...

Way to go P! That's quite a list marked out! I LOVE your fabric finds! I wish the Wal-Marts around me sold fabric by the bolt! I want to see that movie as well. Since you seemed to enjoy it, and we seem to have similar tastes, I will have to go see it now!

Kim said...

Your flimsy is lovely. My, you have a long are a busy gal. I loved the movie 'Saving Mr Banks'. I adored the Mary Poppins movie as a child. P.L. Travers' Mary Poppins is very different from the one who dances and sings across the screen with 'her' chimney sweep!! Lucky you, for finding lovely fabrics that were 'cheap as'!!

Hazel said...

What is meant by a flimsy?

Sarah Craig said...

Love your H2H flimsy and your Walmart finds! And I loved Saving Mr. Banks, too. Mary Poppins is the first movie I ever remember seeing - we watched it at the drive-in siting in the back seat of my dad's '65 Mustang convertible!

Elizabeth said...

You really got a lot done December - March! Yay you!

I loved Saving Mr. Banks. It was a really neat show. I wonder how much of it was true, and how much had a Disney spin on it. I mean, I know they took a lot of it from the recordings that Mrs. Travers insisted on. But what about that part about Walt Disney's dad? Had to wonder.

Anyway, love those fabrics you picked for bindings and backings. Good luck!

xo -E


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