Monday, April 21, 2014

H2H Check-In

Time for a progress report on the Hands2Help quilt.  Sarah has the linky running this week to check in.

It wasn't until this morning that I finally basted the Dancing Pinwheels quilt, but basted it is!

I had sidetracked myself making feathers/leaves for the Tea Towel Challenge quilt last week.  They were like potato chips—I could not stop at just one.

Now that my small design board is filled up with them, though, it seemed a good time to take a break and go back to the H2H quilt.

As I crawled around on the kitchen floor today pinning the quilt, I noticed how much better my shoulder felt. It has been taking its sweet time going through this bout of adhesive capsulitis, but I am seeing much more improvement lately.   I probably have 80% of normal range of motion now.  Strength is coming along as well, and I have been able to add some light weights to the routine.  And I recently got an exercise ball, which I'm not sure what all to do with, but this evening I lay back on it and watched part of The Voice upside down while  stretching out my pectoralis.  'Cause I'm all about the multitasking.  ;)

So I guess that's a progress report on three things.  Oh, and winter is finally gone (despite the snow last week), so there's that too.  Woo-hoo!


  1. I love what you have done with all your leaves...your teatowel quilt is looking great!! The pinwheel is gorgeous. Oh do tell....what's it like looking at the box and hearing the songsters upside down?? Glad that it's warming up over there!!

  2. That's a lovely pinwheel quilt, and I love how your tea towel challenge is coming along! And thanks for the blogger tip!!

  3. The leaves are looking fabulous my friend. Good Call!

    Getting cold down under(Aussie cold - not US style cold ) ...I contemplated using heating last night !

  4. Very pretty pinwheel quilt. I am sure someone will treasure this quilt.

  5. Your pinwheels are terrific. So bright and cheery.

  6. P!!!!! Fabulous work! That tea towel is a true work of art! You are hitting a home run with that one!

  7. I like the leaves and your comment that they are like potato chips!

    The pinwheel is really happy looking. Good job!

  8. The Dancing Pinwheels quilt makes me feel happy. Wonderful!

    Leaves on the tea towel are simply inspired.

    AND what fabulous news about your shoulder! YAY!


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