Thursday, July 3, 2014


Again I've found the scrap pile on my cutting table more compelling than what I should be doing.

What I should be doing is finishing the second chevron baby quilt.  I am working on it, or rather I was working on it, but I took a break.

For like a week.  In the sewing room, nothing but crickets.

Know how after you've been away from a task, you sort of have to ease yourself back into it?  No?  Okay, maybe you are a jumper-inner. That's cool. 

I had a boss at one time, a senior lawyer with a big case load who needed multiple legal assistants to do his work jump when he said frog support him.  In the days leading up to a big important trial, when you would think he would be nose to the grindstone in final preparations, what would he do?

He'd empty garbage cans.  Just go around collecting the office garbage from beneath everyone's desks.  

I used to think it was weird.  Okay, I still do.  But I kind of get it.

When I worked at another place and started to feel overwhelmed by deadlines and stuff to be done, sometimes I'd just stop everything, move all the file piles onto the floor, and clean my desk.  I'm talking Windex and paper towels, chasing dust bunnies  from behind the monitor, wiping schmutz off the telephone receiver, and swabbing the screen.  Somehow it helped.  A feeling of accomplishment, however small, can bolster you for the larger task at hand.

So I intended to tidy up my cutting table to ease back into the flow of things in the sewing room, but that (the tidying part) didn't happen.  I started fondling fabric bits piled next to the overflowing trimmings receptacle and pretty soon I was flat out playing in the trash.

And then I had a mini made.

And another in the works.

And soon enough, the machine was humming with pieces of the chevron baby quilt moving through it once again.

Does this sound familiar?  Do you ever do a loopy roundabout to get going where you need to go?


Shay said...

I completely understand what you're saying. Just starting something - anything can bring your motivation to keep going back.

I tidy my house every single morning . 15 minutes . It motivates me to keep going on some of those bigger jobs that need to be done and once I've started Im OK. Same principle.

Your mini makes are really sweet !

Kim said...

I completely understand, though I always seem to be stuck in a loopy roundabout. Lovely mini makes you have there....dare I say it, I am looking forward to seeing your finished chevron.

Hazel said...

I don't know if I have that trait or not, but reading about it makes me think that it would benefit me!

Did you use a machine on these minis?

Sarah Craig said...

I don't usually have that problem - a long to-do list keeps me from spinning my wheels - but when the list is short, I tend to wander around aimlessly. Maybe I should give this technique a try! Very pretty minis, by the way!! I particularly like the second one...

MomWaldsPlace said...

It is not just the destination. It is the journey!

Terri said...

Love the color and pattern on the last block. I could see that as a quilt, or as a border!

Michelle said...

I love the minis! Funny, I don't think of those as typical baby colors, but the latest chevron is just lovely.

Sara said...

Didn't your mother ever tell you it's not sanitary to play in the trash? ! LOL. I always find myself cleaning up the kitchen before I can dirty it up again to make a meal:-P. I think that's similar to what you're talking about here;)


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